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Ancestor of Gods (philosophical flashes)

Posted on: September 21, 2008

The ancestor of all the Gods that were created since antiquity is this
scary total Silence before a coming major natural cataclysm.  It is
the silence of death when the whole earth is still and the atmosphere
suffocating, no breezes of any kinds, that generates in all living
creature a terrible reaction of wholesome anger of pure revolt against
the sense of death in this universal silence.  It is the silence and
quietude before tornadoes, cyclones, sand desert storms and all the
kinds of whirling at great magnitude in the atmosphere, the seas,
deserts and the bowel of earth in volcanoes.

There is no avoiding the silence of coming cataclysms as there is no avoiding death, a
correlation that people noticed and prayed for their own God of Total Silence to keep chatting through winds, birds, animals, rains,thunderstorms, shouting, crying and anything that can be heard, lest miseries, devastations and evil spirits hovering over the land befall their region.
The same behavior is applied to the starting of wars and their ending.
It is no wonder that men shout stupid songs, curse loudly at fictional
enemies like if drunk, bang on batteries and metals, light and heavy
metals, blow on air instruments and all the hysterical trepidations at
the announcement of a major war, an ancient psychic custom within our
deepest pre-historic brain to ward off the cataclysm wrapped into
maddening songs of patriotism and cursing at the evil enemies.
Indeed, heavy silence is the root of our fundamental fear and dealing
with fear should pass through learning to accept silence as a
necessary step to investigating our soul.

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