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“Manifest Destiny” of America: Any serious consequences?

Posted on: September 21, 2008

The “Manifest Destiny” of America and its long-term consequences (Written in May 5, 2008)

The late Pakistani writer, Eqbal Ahmad, said: “Osama Ben Laden is the sign of the times to come.  The USA has sawed the seeds of extremist Islam in the eighties in the Middle East and South Asia and now the poisonous seeds have germinated.”

I am inclined to think that the US authorities have sawed these grains on purpose, but didn’t spend much time evaluating their long-term consequences; much less that extremism might strike inside the USA territories, regardless of religious affiliation and the color of the skin.

In general, the common American public doesn’t strike us as cultured, or cares that much about foreign politics:  The US public figures, even those in the Foreign Services, do not sound that hot on details on overseas matters, or care to invest time comprehending other cultures and traditions, or learn the language.

One fact is clear: the US political administrators, since the independence of the USA, had a deep sense of their “manifest destiny” to spreading their dominion around the world.

The American pioneers first displaced and exterminated the indigenes in the North-East.

After their independence from England, the “pioneers” acquired and conquered territories by any means possible. The US administrators purchased the “Louisiana Territories” from France during Emperor Napoleon, this vast region now called the Mid-West and including Louisiana State.  Bonaparte needed cash money to finance his war campaigns in Europe.  The irony is that English banks financed the transaction.

The US  tried to expand to the west but failed in the first attempts around 1840, though the campaign set the ground for weakening the customs of the Indian tribes and their cohesion.

The US expanded into Florida and pushed westward and displaced and exterminated the original Indians after the civil war in 1865 in order to find jobs for the returning soldiers and displaced people: They slaughtered the bison to deny the Indian their regular food at the season of bison migration…

The next expansion phase was directed southward and evacuated the Mexicans from Texas and the South-West.

The US administrators purchased Alaska from Imperial Russia.

At this stage, the US administrators infiltrated South America and North America and then acquired colonies in the Pacific like the Philippines (displacing colonial Spain) and many islands.  The nearby island of Cuba in the Atlantic was also “reclaimed” from weak Spain for defaulting on sovereign debts.

The US administrators used the first and second world wars to tighten their grips on Europe and steal the remaining colonies under the French, English and Spanish colonial powers in the Middle East, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Arabic Gulf, Iran, and Viet Nam.

Now, the US administrators are focusing on Africa and its natural resources and affirming their dominion in the Middle East for the exploitation of oil.

The USA has a definite strategic policy regardless of which political party is in power.

The US thinks that it can afford wasteful decisions in resources and manpower as long as the objectives have potentials to be realized. The US navy and aircraft carriers are present in all Oceans and Seas and they were deployed even before the Soviet Union put in orbit Sputnik and exploded its first atomic bomb.

The gamut of excuses for exercising strong-arm policies are varied and long, but are always disseminated as well-meaning policies to safeguarding liberty for all, free flow of goods, money, human rights, free speech, and so on.

Only the US could dare invent a new excuse based on spreading democracy; this fuzzy doctrine that does not suit US interests abroad and around the world and is not practically applied in the US either.

Unfortunately for us in the Middle-East, the convictions of the 40 million neo-conservative Christians who elected so far 3 Presidents (who share their conviction such as Reagan, Bush father and Bush son), believe in all the Jewish prophecies and the apocalypse of St. John.

Worst, the archaic Christian conservatives staunchly believe that Armageddon (Herr Megiddo or Mount Megiddo, a strategic town in Palestine where many ancient battles between the Jews and the people of Canaan took place) would happen during their lifetime. Thus, the need to hasten the repatriation of all the Jews to Palestine as the prophecies dictates.

The US administrators cannot accept any criticisms from foreigners, much less from the UN, and they feel bold to affirm that whatever group of nations sign on a treaty under the UN auspices is not necessarily valid for the unique US superpower to follow or abide in.

The UN laws on prisoners of war is not applicable to the US, the climatic changes and their remedies are not applicable to the US, the unilateral declaration of wars against sovereign States are within the US rights, the total and unconditional supports for Israel’s cruel and inhuman deeds to the Palestinians is sanctioned regardless of the protests of the US citizens.

It seems that democracy means the election for a term, so that all decisions are reserved to the elected President, the modern, all-powerful monarch wrapped under the disguise of democracy, of “In God we…”

The attacks on The World Trade Towers and the Pentagon were crimes, simply because the organization behind it failed to preempt these attacks with a clear message that should enlighten the American people to the consequences of their constant violence perpetrated against the Arabs and Moslems for many decades.

The message should have been propagated that actions against the US would take effects because the US flaunted the UN resolutions for the rights of return of the Palestinians and other political refugees, the persistent vetoes of the US against any resolution condemning Israel’s actions contrary to human rights and protection of the civilians under a colonial power, the continuous support of the US to the oppressors of the monarchs and dictatorial regimes in the “Greater Middle-East” which is contrary to its proclaimed adherence to democracy, liberty and equality under the international laws.

Failing to preempt the attack with a political message is tantamount to claiming metaphysical rights emanating from God, and the response of the US of taking up metaphysical rights renders the two sides as two back cheeks in the same pair of pants.

At least, the attackers of the September 11, 2001, should have accepted responsibility with a clear political message and not leave it to the American people to deduce a message of convenience as if this terror is the act of Satan and perpetrated by fools and death mongers.

This attack was planned and executed by people not in desperation or lacking the education or means to responding to B-52, but by people whose objectives have shifted to the metaphysical realm, and do not give a hoot to suffering and pain and indignity for man.

Anyway, there are plenty of indications that the planners and facilitator of the Twin Tower attack were masterminded by insiders in the US and Israel.

It dawned on me that the strategy of putting all the blame of our plights as Arabs and Palestinians, solely on the successive US administrations, did not generate any change of venue to the total and unconditional support for the State of Israel.

It is time to change strategy. Our governments and intellectuals have to target the American people as true racists and hate-monger of the Arabs.

The basis of this strategy is that the American people are very patriotic and react vigorously to any proclamations that defame their cherished foundations as free and friendly people.

We have got to rely on the strong reactions of the American people for being treated as the malefic enemy of peace, so that they start questioning their representatives and pressuring their administrations and press for fair and equitable policies.

Nations during the intermittent period between successive wars, also called peace time, try valiantly to diplomatically differentiate between the people and their governments.  This policy during peace time is evidently a policy of appeasement.  Otherwise, why is it that during war periods such a differentiation does not take holds?

When a people obey the order of their government to joining the army and fighting for the interest of the elite classes, they are agreeing to the policy of war, and it does not matter in what capacity the citizens are participating in the war.

Personal responsibility is reduced to an active involvement of every citizen against the government that decided on an offensive war; good intentions and lukewarm verbal opposition on the theme that we are ignorant and have not the full arrays of facts and motivation for the war because we are not into politics would never cut it.

You might retort that the Israelis have the rights to kill the civilians because they are at war with the Palestinians, that Israel has the right to preempt wars on every Arab State that didn’t sign a shameful peace treaty with the Zionist State.  I would say that the Palestinians do not form a State and they are under colonial occupation since Israel is in reality a USA colonial extension.

The Palestinians should be under the protection of the UN against occupation. The modern Palestinian holocaust, daily humiliation and evident racism, apartheid policies, and the formation of Bantustans should have long time ago raised the consciousness of the US people.

So far, the UN has been treating the Palestinians as refugees but was helpless in overcoming the frequent US vetoes.

You might say that the USA has legitimacy in killing over one million Iraqis since 2003 (directly and indirectly) and I would reply that the US is an invading country that didn’t enjoy even the UN mandate for its war.  The Iraqis must consider the whole US population as its enemy if they intend to succeed in their endeavor of getting rid of the nasty occupation.

I am convinced that our civil wars in Lebanon from 1975 till 1992 is the planning and decision of the USA and I will not forgive that people for their lies by claiming that our civil war was too complex to understand or put and end to it.

Note:  Was it the “Manifest Destiny” of America to becoming the worst cheater in the history of civilization?  Manufacturing worthless dollars to pay-off 14 trillion in public debt?

Was it the “Manifest Destiny” of America to becoming the most “democratic” brutal country, waging preemptive wars in order to renew its huge reserves in ammunition and military hardware?

Was it the “Manifest Destiny” of America of becoming the most powerful country to displacing the God of valuing human life and dignity and replacing it with the “God of the green money” at any cost of moral standards?

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