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Rainbow over the Levant

Posted on: September 23, 2008

Rainbow over the Levant is a historical fiction reflecting the current political and social realities in Lebanon with a twist to reform and change.


Table of contents



Introduction 9

Part 1:  My sunny Levant; Antonios (1346-1381)

Chapter 1: Genesis of a Metnit family

Chapter 2:  The storm gathering strength (1357-1364)

Childhood of Antoun

Hard facts

First love


Chapter 3: Contraband episode (1364-1371)

Adventures in Beirut

Mountain outlaws

Chapter 4:  Planning of the insurrection (1371-1375)

A Gentleman (1375-1378)


The Attack


Chapter 5:     New political regime (1378-1381)

Initial skirmishes


Chapter 6: Voluntary army


Chapter 7:     Consolidation of a Nation

Boarding schools

Health counselor

Part 2: Noura (1381-1386)

Chapter 8:      Preliminary reforms 82 Agrarian and tax reforms

Chapter 9:     First expansion 88 National Investment Board

Baldat El Mir

Chapter 10:    Concept for a unified nation

Yasmine dies

Noura’s exile

Part 3: My bloody Levant; Gergis (1386-1394)

Chapter 11:    A navy is born 110

Second expansion

Battle of Anjar

Chapter 12: Administration of an intricate nation

Intelligence gathering

Overseas Holding Company

Economic development

Chapter 13:    Birth of an underground political party 136

First draft of the Constitution

Chapter 14:   Too soon for a Republic

Army centers and headquarters

Internal trading infrastructure

Part 4: Mariam (1394-1399)

Chapter 15:   The second revolution

Organization of the Aram National Party

The Tatars are coming

Chapter 16:   Postponement of a written Constitution

Female rights

Women participate in the electoral system

Part 5: My cyclical Levant; Latifa (1400-1402)

Chapter 17:   Antoun’s exile

Prophesies of end of time

Regent Latifa

A Central Bank mechanism

Pilgrims’ caravans

Chapter 18:    The return

A President for the Levant Dictatorship

Part 6:  Mustafa (1405-1410)

Chapter 19:    Stand for Liberty

The sultan’s famous host

Battle of Tripoli

Chapter 20:    Martyrs of a Nation

In self defense

End notes

Post face

Appendix:   Historical Background    page 230

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