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July 17: War diary in Lebanon

Posted on: September 24, 2008

Sunday, July 17, 2006

My aunt Montaha told me that our local public middle school was flooded by refugees and that Zouzou is in charge of managing the situation. They were in need of blankets, pillows and mattresses and thanking God that this was the summer season.  The next day, the office across the school that Zouzou was heading for managing the refuges problem was filled with bags of breads and sacs of potatoes in order to feed the refugees.  In the court of the school two kerosene ovens were installed, probably borrowed from homes and used during the winter season for heating and boiling water.

Monday, July 18, 2006

Israel has already destroyed all our roads and bridges leading to the south in order to destabilize Hezbollah’s logistics in men and armament. The headquarters of Hezbollah in south Beirut is totally destroyed and still the enemy jets keep shelling it. The so-called Security Square of Hezbollah is a huge mass of rubble but the leader Hassan Nasr Allah is still alive and promising new surprises for his missiles to reaching Haifa and beyond Haifa. 

At the end of his televised message, Nasr Allah told us to watch the Israeli frigates that were visible in front of Beirut.  Seconds later, one of the frigates was hit by two missiles and gun shot of joy were heard in Beirut.

Israel’s air force hit all the Lebanese army radar sites along the littoral and now it is targeting the army barracks too; twelve soldiers and officers have perished and two dozens wounded.  It seems that Israel is trying to alienate the army from the Resistance.  Fact is, as if the majority of Shiaa soldiers in the army is about to satisfy the wishes of our enemy Israel.

George W. Bush is aggravating my nerves with his insipid, ignorant, and flatulent short speeches; he has a one directional view in politics because he is too lazy to read reports and connect dots.  You might think that a wife could infuse some humanity and compassion in a husband but it seems that Lora Bush is the real racist and ignorant party in the relationship for failing to educate her husband properly. 

Hearing Bush you have the impression that taking two Israelis soldiers prisoner is a good enough reason to destroying Lebanon because he loathes what he calls the “Hezbolla terrorists”.  Nasr Allah was correct by stating that the actions and behavior of Hezbollah were on target in increasing our pride, honor and safety from the collusion of the Arab regimes with Israel and the US plans in the region that are meant to weaken our resolves for independence and progress.

My niece Joanna never skipped a day work because Indevco does not believe in days off under any circumstances, although the Christian cities of Jounieh, Achrafieh, and Byblos received Israeli shelling.

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