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No dichotomy!

Posted on: September 28, 2008

There should be no dichotomy between investigating the origins of man and living creatures and the theological concept of God’s creation; it is a matter of philosophical perspective of finding out the processes and mechanisms and ingeniousity of how God went about to creating us and let us procreate and watch us behave, struggle and suffer from birth to death.  It does not hurt to believe in free will: we are used to getting hurt. It does not hurt to lean toward pre-destination: we are also used to servitude since birth.  Can we just enjoy the moment and the fact that frequent shifting of philosophical positions is the privilege of free thinking men?  It is such a gloomy world when people adopt a uni-directional view on life and death: we can wait to experience uni-directional behavior in Heaven as the Books describe so unimaginatively! Why the rush to meeting the Creator?  If He is the Clement and Forgiving then He must have shown His attributes while living.  Have we been conscious and serene enough to experience God’s attributes?  If He is has a vengeful character then He must be totally unfair to play games with His simulated creations!

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