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The hungrier the better for exploitation and for developing intelligence (October 7, 2008)


Colonial powers seeked territories of hungry population who are used to work hard for survival.  Hard working people add values to whatever the colonizers exploit.  Amelie Nothomb explains why the island of Vanuatu or New Hibrides was left in peace and was shared by France and England conjointly without animosity.  Even today, Vanuaty is spared the rush for tourism industry.  Vanuatu has abundance in natural edible vegetation and varieties of fishes. Thus, the natives never had any need to cultivate lands or work for survival; they are never hungry for food: all they have to do is extend an arm and pick out bananas, coconuts or gather fish and oysters while swimming for relaxation. Consequently, the colonial powers could not make use of the natives who are not hungry for food or work or anything for that matter and have no inkling to seek anything.

On the other hand, the Chinese discovered almost everything, thought of everything, comprehended everything and dared everything.  The culinary art in China has reached an unequal level in refinement simply because the Chinese learned to eat anything that could be edible.  The reason for the successes of the Chinese is that they had been always famished for food and millions died of hunger in their uninterrupted past history.  The first question a Chinese asks his neighbor is “Have you eaten?”


Note: The Lebanese share the same characteristics with the Chinese: they grew food out of rocks in their tiny land! They are constantly hungry and always “want” something. There are tenfold more Lebanese immigrants throughout the world than in Lebanon proper. The culinary art in Lebanon used to be the healthiest, the sanest and the tastiest.  They also discovered almost everything and every land in past history.

Everyone is a sucker once in his life but …(October 7, 2008)


            If you are not in the board of directors for at least one multinational company then you should not play Russian roulette with stock market. Casual, naïve and smart ass investors in stocks remind me of a story involving chimpanzees.  A white colonizer paid $10 for every chimpanzee caught; the natives were glad and worked hard to satisfy the demand of the purchaser. By and by as the number of chimpanzees dwindled and the commercial minds on both sides settled for a higher price of say $40 per chimpanzee then the manager of the colonizer convinced the natives to buy back the whole lot of champanzees for $30 apiece on the ground that when his boss returns then the natives would resell the champazees to him for $50 apiece.  The natives shared their funds and did the deal.  The trick is that the white boss never returned!  Congress passed a monstrous bailout package where the white bosses are not to be prosecuted! Everyone is a sucker once in his life but in capitalist America the odds of repeated “suckeredness” is very high and the plain American citizen is the most prone to fall frequently in these easy to play games of stock gimmicks. Well, all you need is a computer hooked to internet and plenty of happy satistied greed stories propaganda!

Science says: No recollection of the past, no future projects (October 7, 2008)

Neuroscientists, using MRI technology, discovered that the same regions in the brain that recollect the past are the ones that also activate during project development.

The pre-frontal Cortex that refers to the self or the evocation of personal events (for example what happened last week), and the hippocampus that recollects the past are also active when thinking of intended projects for the next week.

Thus, memory is basic to our coherence, our reason, our feelings, and also our action.

Without memory, we have no individuality and we are practically nothing.

My suggestion is to write diaries with some details because, most likely, it will guide or determine to a large extent our brain to plan and to affect our next projects.

Let me offer a plausible extrapolation.

It has been done, for many who lost their biographical memory, to re-construct a new memory out of pictures, videos and other materials.  Obviously, the person has no faculty to verify if his new acquired memory is factual.

Consequently, the historians, formally appointed to write history books for students, have a large latitude to affect subconsciously the opinions of new generations on the internal and external policies of the authorities.

Taking the plausible extrapolation further, and recognizing that history is written by the victors, it is more than likely that nationalist feelings among the victorious nations are biased toward fascist tendencies, and the citizens are prone to casually accept unilateral military actions against weakling nations.




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