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Science says: No recollection of the past, no future projects

Posted on: October 8, 2008

Science says: No recollection of the past, no future projects (October 7, 2008)

Neuroscientists, using MRI technology, discovered that the same regions in the brain that recollect the past are the ones that also activate during project development.

The pre-frontal Cortex that refers to the self or the evocation of personal events (for example what happened last week), and the hippocampus that recollects the past are also active when thinking of intended projects for the next week.

Thus, memory is basic to our coherence, our reason, our feelings, and also our action.

Without memory, we have no individuality and we are practically nothing.

My suggestion is to write diaries with some details because, most likely, it will guide or determine to a large extent our brain to plan and to affect our next projects.

Let me offer a plausible extrapolation.

It has been done, for many who lost their biographical memory, to re-construct a new memory out of pictures, videos and other materials.  Obviously, the person has no faculty to verify if his new acquired memory is factual.

Consequently, the historians, formally appointed to write history books for students, have a large latitude to affect subconsciously the opinions of new generations on the internal and external policies of the authorities.

Taking the plausible extrapolation further, and recognizing that history is written by the victors, it is more than likely that nationalist feelings among the victorious nations are biased toward fascist tendencies, and the citizens are prone to casually accept unilateral military actions against weakling nations.

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