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Confessional rodents in dialogue around a Lebanese conference table

Posted on: October 9, 2008


A dozen Lebanese confessional rodents in dialogue around a conference table (March 2nd, 2006)

The President of the Lebanese Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Nabih Berri, has purchased in Italy an expensive round table designed to gather twelve confessional leaders so that they feel comfortable to dialogue for an entire week, on important matters that are splitting the political leaders after the withdrawal of the Syrian forces. 

In January 9, 2006 I wrote an article entitled “The process of a written confessional Constitution in progress and Live”, which expressed my strong apprehension that all this political entanglements and hysteric pronouncements were meant as a positioning strategy for agreeing on appropriate shares among the protagonists for the public pie.

This famous table was installed in the House of Representative in Downtown Beirut so that the whole Downtown has been closed off to traffic and commerce for the duration of this extraordinary event.  More than 3,000 security forces were tied down to protect these all famous heads, meant to brainstorm and pick each other minds for the benefit of a stable, secure, independent, self-determined, and free Lebanon from any foreign interventions or meddling in its internal affairs.

This dialogue is secretive and dubiously undemocratic for those non sectarian sections of our society:   historically, secular political parties and civic associations were never asked to participate in any dialogue, and they were not invited to participate in the discussion for the framework and foundation of a future Lebanon.

The government, formed a year ago, as a national unity from the majority of the Parliament, based on a flawed electoral system, and headed by Fouad Sanyoura, a Hariri employee, has proven to be a total failure and acting as if the insecurity, instability and economic deterioration are not its responsibilities. The Minister of the Interior, Mr. Sabe3 (Lion), another Hariri employee, told live all the Lebanese citizens that he is impotent in locating and prosecuting the “ghosts” who have been blowing up a dozen leading men and commercial centers. 

The Minister of the Treasury, Mr. Azhour, an extra Hariri employee, has been postponing temporarily and probably indefinitely the meeting of “Beirut One” Conference of the parties supposed to infuse our economy with financial liquidity: we are learning that the well meaning money providers are not satisfied with the promised reforms and have strong apprehension that the money will not be going into the proper channels or distributed for any kind of economic or social reforms. 

Worst, the only financial news that the impoverished Lebanese hate the most and might be applied are the additional taxes to keeping the inflated, bloated, and badly run government administrative institutions floating.

So far, the only decrees extracted from the so-called legitimate political Constitution were directed at strengthening the grasp of Solidere on its holding in Downtown Beirut; everyone knows that Solidere is a Real Estate holding company and basically a private company owned by the Hariri family, its Saudi Royalty Princes and its acolytes in the “Future Movement” who plundered Lebanon during the Syrian hegemony.

The Syrian forces, army, security and intelligence services, have already vacated Lebanon 10 months ago, the former four Lebanese Generals in charge of security and intelligence are detained “pending further conviction materials” on their cover ups or participation in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.  The government has replaced these security people with their own people and yet, Syria is directly blamed for any insecurity in the land and the politicians in power are still shouting: “Syria go home.  No Syrian interventions in Lebanon”. 

The government and its allies in the majority are explicitly and vociferously accusing the President of the Republic as the remaining Syrian stooge and are demanding his resignation as illegitimate; they even went as far as stooping very low and dishonoring the Nation by gathering signed affidavits from current and former deputies claiming they voted under duress for the extension of the President’s tenure for another three years.  

Now, why these infamous leaders have to meet in the Parliament instead of a remote mountainous resort and spare the people all these expenses, security mobilization, economic disruption, and disturbing the peace in Downtown Beirut?  I think most Lebanese citizens would have appreciated the “Berri’s Table” to be transferred to a secure prison where the sleeping quarters are fitted out in solitary cells for the leading rodents.

Why this extraordinary dialogue is not acknowledged to be the responsibility of the representative elected members of the Parliament? Is not the Parliament the normal and legitimate body to set the political guidelines and enact the body of laws? For an entire year, we heard live on cables, television, and radio the explicit political and ideological positions of these leaders and their allies and we have been vomiting every one of their hysteric and unfounded pronouncements, except for the well balanced speeches, rational attitudes, and clean hands of Michel Aoun and Hassan Nasr Allah.

A committee was formed to study and recommend a fair electoral system to replace the badly flawed previous system, supposedly designed and engineered by the Syrian regime, and it just announced that it finished its job after analyzing 200 proposals from political parties, civil associations and individuals.  Guess what?  The committee finished on time before the meeting of the famous twelve brave knights.

Do you like to guess what the proposed and unpublished electoral system is? Well, it is temporary to suit the current political climate! Not many are fooled in Lebanon and not only we suspect, but we are completely certain that this dialogue is meant to split the pie among the confessional parties.  The twelve gurus will agree on their shares in the important key political positions and how to tailor make the electoral system to fit their needs.  As you guessed, they will again claim that the political solution “arrived at” is necessarily temporary, as has always been the case since the Independence of Lebanon in 1943. 

Around an expensive table are gathered a bunch of rotten apples that, within a week, will ultimately affect the few healthy ones, unless the good apples turn the table over the opportunist and highway robbers of the rotten political heads, and lead the Nation toward definitive self determination, reforms and drastic political changes.


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