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Much muted craping (October 9, 2008)


Life is a well oiled routine. You sow and gather. You plant and collect. You feed and slaughter. And you recommence the cycle.  Mental activities add an extra phase: you read, write and then you disseminate. It seems to me that there is a slight time-phased difference in the last step of the cycle between procreation and cognitive dissemination. Parents always want to believe that their progenitures will take the relay in cognitive dissemination! There is no harm in that belief if not associated with high expectations.  The more ignorant the parents the higher the expectations! The learned individuals should know better by now.

            Well that’s how life usually proceeds in many regions. It proceeds differently in a few other regions and social circles where people just eat and crap.  They don’t even know how what they eat came to be; they might know a few names of the condiments and maybe they have seen the main ingredients in pictures.  Living in hyper spaces is as real as ever.  People exist and then they think.  But they think of what?  What kinds of thoughts are not related to nature and people?  Living in supra hyper spaces is also as real as ever: did we reach the stage of invisibility to reality? We certainly reached the stage of virtual reality where only the craping endeavor is still real, though much muted.  We exist because the end product waste requires some effort! Maybe when technology relieves us from the shitting phase then we become superman. Some select professionals are getting there; not much different than Alzheimer patients.  Are we living in a fun age, a fast and most demanding split-second resolutions to our inquiries?  Then why people are not generally happy?  Maybe time is of essence, not in timeliness and being on time for appointments and deadlines, but taking time to live life in its proper cadence.




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