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Value-adding civilizations

Posted on: October 14, 2008

Value-adding civilizations (October 14, 2008)


The hard working populations are generally those who had to battle for survival out of hunger throughout history because of geographical locations and weather conditions and who tended to develop their intelligence the fastest in inventiveness and dareness in all field of discoveries.  For the exploiters the hungrier the populations the better their value-added work.


Colonial powers preferred to invest in territories of hungry populations who are used to work hard for survival.  The colonies of lush vegetations and populations not valuing the need to work for survival where left unperturbed in expanding the colonial peculiar values and the colonizers just installed their posts and ports infrastructures for exporting the valuable natural raw materials. Hard working people add values to whatever the colonizers exploited.  Amelie Nothomb explains why the island of Vanuatu or New Hebrides was left in peace and was shared by both France and England conjointly without animosity.  Even today, Vanuatu is spared the rush for tourism industry.  Vanuatu has abundance in natural edible vegetation and varieties of fishes. Thus, the natives never had any need to cultivate lands or work for survival; they are never hungry for food: all they have to do is extend an arm and pick out bananas, coconuts or gather fish and oysters while swimming for relaxation. Consequently, the colonial powers could not make use of the natives who are not hungry for food or work or anything for that matter and have no inkling to seek anything.

On the other hand, the first question a Chinese asks his neighbor is “Have you eaten?”  The Chinese discovered almost everything, thought of everything, comprehended everything and dared everything.  The culinary art in China has reached an unequal level in refinement simply because the Chinese learned to eat anything that could be edible.  The reason for the successes of the Chinese is that they had been always famished for food and millions died of hunger in their uninterrupted past history.

England did what was necessary to retain India under its dominion.  England needed the hard working vast population Indians to add value to its economy instead of relying solely on piracy and conquering neighboring countries.  England decided to just retain maritime ports in Yemen, Oman and the Arab Peninsula instead of spreading its “values” and knowledge.  Even today, the USA cares only for the oil of the producing Arab Peninsula and exploiting their sovereign funds!

Take for example the history of the USA. The first “pilgrims” had to work hard the first decade to survive.  Then they realized that the indigene “Indians” didn’t care much for work: they waited for the hunting seasons and transported their domiciles. The “pilgrims” decided that they have no use of the Indians for exploitation and exterminated them at every opportunity to expand their lands.  The US Administrations didn’t massacre the Mexicans outright in Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Florida: they exploited them to the hilt.  The USA experienced the most productive periods when the governments opted for isolationism and had to rely on their proper hard work.  Everytime the US opened its borders for fresh hard working immigrants, manually and mentally, the US population gradually relinquished the hard work for fast riches in financial embezzlement schemes.

The Near Eastern populations of Syria and Palestine and especially the Lebanese share the same characteristics with the Chinese: the Lebanese had to grow food out of rocks in their tiny land! They are constantly hungry and always “want” something. There are tenfold more Lebanese immigrants throughout the world than in Lebanon proper. The culinary art in Lebanon used to be the healthiest, the sanest and the tastiest.  They also discovered almost everything and every land in past history.  All the regional warrior Empires, like the Turks, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, and Egyptians expanded first thing into the Near East territory to exploit the hard working populations and export them to their Kingdoms as slaves and skilled professionals.  The new colonizers such as England, France and lately the USA built universities first thing in the Near East.  Presently, the brain power of the immigrants from the Near East rank first in these colonial States commensurate to their original populations. They ranked first in Egypt before the revolution of Jamal Abdul Nasser.  They ranked first in Saudi Arabia before the oil boom.

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