Adonis Diaries

Rainbow over the Levant (fiction, continue)

Posted on: October 19, 2008

Chapter 19:  Martyrs of a Nation

The initial negotiations were for the Turkish Emir’s army to retreat to Lattakieh in Northern Syria and for Lebanon to pay tribute to the former Syrian lands it had in possession before the Turkish invasion. Lebanon agreed to pay tribute in return for the withdrawal of the Turkish army beyond the Zagros mountain chains and retained only Alexandrite.  It was implicitly understood that Lebanon would fail to pay a dime and Turkey would come back after building a fresh navy, may be in five years.  While the Turkish army was retreating toward Lattakieh, Lebanon sent an army into Syria and finished off the lost and demoralized Turkish contingent there. The resistance lingered for a while and sent a strong message to the invaders that a political compromise was an acceptable strategy for the time being.

The Nation underwent much turmoil but the spirit of democracy, equality under the law and freedom of expression set the tone for gradual reforms in most of the region. Meanwhile, President Antonios Lucas Fares was still suffering in Egypt severe humiliation and imprisonment for the last 3 years; the President of the Levant was decapitated in 1409 for the danger he represented to traditional and divinely inspired kingdoms.  

The Republic of the Levant could not recover from its previous war and there was such a defeatist sense that the big neighboring powers decided on its fate. The leader and soul of the Nation was imprisoned in Egypt and no alternate viable leader could be generated with enough vision and charisma to replace Antoun. 

In 1410, the Mameluk Sultan ordered a large army to ravage Mount Lebanon, with the mission to bring back the heads of the elected second President Adal, Antoun’s eldest son who was in his mid thirties, and the head of the Defense Minister Mustafa.  The election of Adal was for a transitional period of two years to continue the term of his father and prepare for another Legislative assembly.

The newly appointed Viceroy of Safad in Palestine was to lead the military campaign. This Viceroy was named Kamal Bey from Turkish descent and was a general in the Mameluk army and had intricate commercial dealings with the Republic of the Levant and intended on taking over some of the prosperous businesses. 

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