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Rainbow over the Levant (fiction, continue)

Posted on: October 19, 2008

In self defense

Adal and his Levantine government had advanced intelligence of the main goals of this chastising military campaign and opted for a reduced resistance so as to shorten the duration of this inevitable calamity.  Families with children in the Metn County living in villages at altitudes less than 800 meters were evacuated to Cyprus and Greece.  The single able bodies of both genders were transferred to higher altitude and only the eldest population who refused to move from their locations was allowed to remain and care for the properties of the evacuees.  Most of the supplies in food and war necessities were transported to the highest altitudes and the routes to the Bekkaa Valley were monitored and defended.  

The warehouses in the port of Beirut were depleted and transferred to ports in the North.  To appease the inhabitants of Beirut the Levant government promised them that supplies would be secured by sea; by reducing the inventory of food and repair parts it was hoped that the army of the Sultan of Egypt would decide to shorten its campaign of rampage for shortage in necessary valuables. As a matter of facts, the sea attacks of the Levant Navy concentrated their activities to the Palestinian ports and supply lines coming from Egypt.  This strategy forced the Mameluk’s army to start foraging in Palestine raising several upheavals among the population and putting up sporadic resistance.

Asaad, the second son of Antoun was appointed army chief of the Metn region while Mustafa and Adal moved their headquarters to the Kesrouan and the Byblos mountain regions where the Mameluk’s General decided to concentrate his attacks of plunder and devastation.  Noura was still ambassador of the Levantine Republic to Italy in order to secure political and maritime support for the Republic.  Mariam was responsible for the organization of the logistics of the transferred population who had no relatives in the mountain regions but was plagued with family problems; her real daughter Sahar took the opportunity to vent her fears and her long held love-hate feelings and told her mother that she never appreciated her sincere struggle to please her and win her love. She told Mariam that her adoptive daughter Samar was allowed many privileges and independence of movement that was denied her out of lack of confidence in her.  Sahar demanded permission to travel overseas, was granted sufficient funds and never returned home

The knowledge of this Mameluk’s General of the fortifications and impregnable towns at altitude over 900 meters above sea level in the Metn region changed his plan of attack to concentrate mainly in the Kesrouan and Byblos Counties North of Mount Lebanon. The General set siege to Beirut with promise not to devastate it because it was a Moslem town and because this campaign was to punish the Christian infidels in Mount Lebanon who have been defying the authority of the Sultan of Egypt.

While encircling Beirut from the land because the sea was firmly out of his reaches, the General advanced toward Kesrouan and committed atrocities for 3 months without attempting to advance higher up to the mountains and then descended toward the Byblos County low lands.  He sent a messenger to Adal claiming that his mission could now be considered accomplished if he surrendered personally and was made prisoner along with Mustafa, otherwise the campaign would have to last for another year until the wishes of the Sultan are satisfied.  Mustafa and Adal had put up an excellent resistance and waited until the Mameluk’s General started his retreats toward the seashore to wage losing battles with the purpose of getting killed in battles and spare the other regions any more potential calamities.  The General satisfied his Sultan’s orders of ravaging many parts of Mount Lebanon and brought back to Cairo the heads of Mustafa and Adal who were killed in the battle field.

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