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“Efficiency of the human cognitive power or mind”

Posted on: October 19, 2008

Article #48, Started March 6, 2006

 “Efficiency of the human cognitive power or mind”

Cognitively, human is excellent in simple detection tasks or null indicator such as whether a sensation exist or not; he is fairly good in differentiating the direction of strength of a sensation such as bigger or smaller than a standard, but he is bad is evaluating whether a sensation is twice or three times stronger, and he is worst as a meter for exact measurements. Human is more accurate in feeling than when relying on his mind and that is why a subject is forced to make a choice between two stimuli rather than responding that the sensation between a standard and a variable stimulus is equally strong.

Man is not a good observer of complex events; even when viewers are forewarned that they are to see a movie about a crime and that that are to answer questions about details later the accuracy of the observers are very low.  Man is unable to be an objective recorder of the events that transpire because he gets involved in the scene actions.  Man has a very narrow range of attention and barely can satisfactorily attend to a couple of stimuli. This observation deficiency is compounded by our sensory differences and illusions; for example, one in sixteen is color blind, many suffer from tone deafness, taste blindness and so on.

Man does not think of himself objectively but rather has convictions, feelings, and explanations based on very restricted experiences, hearsays, memories and he tends to generalize and develop a set of beliefs concerning the operation of the mind.  Man usually expects to see and then see what he wants to see and hardly deviates from his beliefs and sometimes even when faced with facts.  Many scientists have overlooked obvious data because they clanged to their hypotheses and theories.  Man has to generate an abundance of reliable information and assimilate them before he could eliminate a few systematic biases that he acquired from previous generations and his personal experiences.

This lack of objectivity in human is referred to by the term “common sense”.   The fact is common sense ideas change and are undergoing continual revision mainly because of the results of research and controlled experimentations. For example, common sense says heavy objects cannot fly until airplanes are common realities; common sense says that human cannot see in the dark until infrared goggles have been tested; common sense says that it is laughable to use earplugs in order to hear people talking in very noisy backgrounds until it is experimented and proven to be correct.  The fact that your father or forerunners have always done something in a particular way does not prove that this is the best way of doing it.  The fact that famous people purchase a product from the best known firm does not permit the manufacturer to state that there cannot be very much wrong with the product since the famous people have bought it.

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