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August 8, 2006


A crowded street of Shyah, a suburb in south Beirut, was targeted by the Israeli jets in the evening killing at least 17 civilians and injuring 30;  a food mall was specifically destroyed which used to be a former factory for the Ghandour industry.  The Lebanese government issued a decree summoning the reserve to join the army in order to send them to the south once Israel evacuates all our territories, including the Shebaa Farm.  Hezbollah accepted this resolution.

Hezbollah retaliated by raining rockets on Haifa.  Earlier in the day the missiles targeted Israeli military command posts in Acka and Kiryat Shemouna.

I think that I figured out the cause of this war and the scenario that unfolded to reaching this catastrophic high of total destruction of Lebanon infrastructure and the displacement of a million citizens.

Israel was the main country in the Middle East that profited from the Cold War System enjoying lavish military superiority and unlimited financial support from the US and the European states. When that system crumbled Israel felt in danger of losing her status as the main US allies in this region.  Former Israel Barak PM understood the changing climate and decided to unilaterally withdraw from the occupied territories in South Lebanon pressured by the resistance stubbornness and efficiency.  In the mean time, Israel had undergone an economic change from selling oranges to catering to high tech demands in this electronic age.  The occupation of Iraq by the US sent a strong signal that Israel geopolitical situation is fast becoming redundant.  The way out of this impasse was to create a regional Cold War System that many in the US administration understand and longed for. Iran was the scapegoat for a regional Soviet Union, which was enriching Uranium, destabilizing Iraq, and fully supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Iran was harassed by the World Community for defying the UN Atomic Agency and the image of the Evil power was disseminated by the Jewish controlled media.  The Israeli military mafia was ready to reap the fruit of the maligned “Evil Iranian Mullahs” that was well entrenched in the Western minds.  Striking the surrogate of Ian’s Mullahs in Lebanon was about the size and ideal target that Israel was wiling to take a calculated risk in order to keep the US unconditional support for its atrocities in Palestine.  The collateral benefits of this war was to demolish Lebanon its really staunch enemy politically, socially and the future potential to competing with its high tech achievements.

Israel convinced and got the green light from the US and a few Arab states to seriously weaken Hezbollah military and organizational structures.  The Israeli air force was pretty certain that it could do the job without the messy and costly land incursion.

Apparently, either for lack of excellent and accurate military intelligence on the location of Hezbollah’s bases and how it operated, or the reckless targeting of civilian objectives the Israeli air force could not prevent the Hezbollah’s missile raining on the Galilee and displacing thousands of Israeli civilians from their towns and kibbutz.

The US got the message clear that Israel is no longer in a situation to win the objective of the war within a week; the US lost the image of being the staunch supporter of Lebanon’s independence that it tried to invest so dearly on by deciding to prolong the war, destroying Lebanon and its shaky government.  The images of the children being slaughtered and buried under the debris in Qana and everywhere else in Lebanon were the last stroke to its ugly methods of what could be the consequences of the Greater Middle East plan.

The war has already lasted a month and Hezbollah’s rockets are still showering in Israel and have reached deep into Afula, close to Tel Aviv.  The Arab states have turned around and are fully supporting the Lebanese 7-points resolution and have finally recognized the impotence of the Israeli military might to be of any serious threat in the future.  Israel has comprehended its failure to tame Hezbollah and is now recalculating the cost of its adventure by deciding to completely destroy Lebanon as the last resort.

Hezbollah’s courageous stand is catching the imagination and hearts of most Arab and Islamic masses. Iran has gained strength and determination to resume its nuclear program and is ready to pounce on the US military forces stationed in Iraq and the Arab Gulf States.  Israel has lost its luster almost everywhere and serious criticisms of the legitimacy of its barbaric behaviors are under an intense flash light.  Lebanon will no longer afford to resume its old system based on the traditional feudal and sectarian power bases.  A few Arabic States will have to contain the frustrations that were not vented by its masses until now and will have to reform politically, socially, and economically. Even using oil as a weapon is no longer out of the question if the war continues and the situation deteriorates further.

Sure the Lebanese citizens and its infrastructures were the price paid for this drastic change in the Greater Middle East plan.

August 7, 2006


This is the 26th day of the 6th war of Israel on Lebanon; the US-French draft of a UN resolution for a cease fire is tantamount for preparing the ground for a 7th war spreading to Syria.  It appears that the great powers don’t give a hoot about the seven point’s draft of Seniora PM.   There are many irate counter comments on the Syrian Foreign minister comments that the US-French draft is not acceptable, that the Hariri comments in Moscow blaming Iran and Syria for this calamity is considered as treason, and that Walid Jumblat is a lackey to the US against the interest of the Lebanese people.

Israel resumed her mass killings of the Lebanese civilians in the south, the Bekaa and the Chouf, demolishing whole buildings on their inhabitants.  Lebanese soldiers died also when Israel targeted an army soldier carrier. Hezbollah managed a direct hit on an Israeli army barrack in Gilaad and killed 12 soldiers and many injured.  Haifa was targeted at night instead of the morning in retaliation for Israel targeting south Beirut.

The Arab summit meeting today is willing to publicly support the Lebanese position.  The Secretary General of the Arab League, Amrou Moussa, was welcomed yesterday by heavy Israeli shelling of southern Beirut as his airplane was landing.

I was supposed to go to the gym with a friend of mine but he bailed out and asked me to join him at his private tiny pool.  It was about 4:30 and I took Chelsea with me and she would not finish swimming until 7:30 after my many demands to quit for the day.  My friend internet connection was slow and warning of weak power or something; it seems that his son requested a program and Ramez had paid $50 a couple of days ago for a program for uploading and downloading stuff like songs, which he had no idea how costly it might turn out to be; well, he might be asked to pay again another $50 which made him mad and ready to disconnect right away.  I made Ramez copy my draft of a book on his computer hoping that he will finally read it during his confinement.

When we came home, my older nieces and nephews were going out with a couple of their friends at a near by coffee shop.  Chelsea got stubborn and wanted to join them.  It took the better part of half an hour to force her to desist after much crying and whinning.

Cedric and Joanna went to work today.  The LAU has sent an e-mail to its employees to stay home because of the circumstances.

One of the gas station in our town Beit Chabab at the Jisr burned this morning: rumors have it that the owners needed to cash in the insurance because it was never doing so hot.  I went to another gas station to fill in ten liters but it was closed.  With the little driving I am doing I might go on for another three days until Israel allows oil tankers to empty in Beirut.

Around 4:15 p.m. I went to the gym for a swim; kids and adolescents were crowding it.  The Jacuzzi had to be emptied because some unconscionable kids used shampoo to have a little more fun in a seemingly bubbling and foaming bathtub.  The sauna room was not hot or not functioning properly but I managed to swim for 45 minutes.  Joanna went later around 7:30 and the gym was almost empty and the sauna working conveniently.

The Arab summit of foreign ministers agreed on an urgent meeting of an Arab summit of the leaders and dispatched 3 officials to New York to meet the UN council members in order to amend the draft resolution in a way it satisfies the Lebanese 7-point solution, mainly the complete cease fire and the total retreat of the Israeli army from south Lebanon in return of displaying 15,000 Lebanese soldiers in the southern borders. The officials were Amrou Moussa the Secretary General of the Arab League, the foreign minister of the Arab Emirates as one of the 15 members in the UN council, and the Qatari foreign minister as the current President of the Arab League.  During his speech, the Lebanese Seniora PM cried three times confirming to the Arab delegates that Lebanon is Arab by choice and that it consistently supported the Arab causes and that it is the responsibilities of the Arab leaders to support Lebanon by all means necessary.  The Arab delegates applauded Seniora and many might have felt ashamed for their earlier positions that provided covers for Israel to destroy Lebanon.

August 6, 2006


The garrisons of the Palestinian Popular Front (The General Command) are being heavily targeted by the Israeli jets this morning in the Bekaa and at the town of Naamy in the Choueifat.  The Hezbollah missiles are still raining in Galilee and the town of Maalut.  The foreign minister of Syria, Walid Mualem, is in Beirut already and he might be the star of the Arab summit supposed to be held in Beirut tomorrow, as the Iranian Ahamadi Najad PM was for the Islamic summit in Malaysia two days ago and did not reach anything concrete for Lebanon’s cease fire. The Syrian position tomorrow will show where the needle of the World Community compass is pointing to in order to find the proper solution to our calamities.

The town of Ansar is under heavy Israeli bombardment.

The Lebanese Seniora PM government is becoming irrelevant because it was unable to manage our internal problems but mainly because it cannot deliver on anything it decided upon.  There are two military internal powers, Hezbollah resistance and the Lebanese army, and both cannot be ordered and directed by Seniora PM without a complete political agreement by all the Lebanese religious sects and political parties.  As one commentators and political analyst, Mohammad Salaam, said: “Seniora PM is like an auctioneer selling something that he has not; he is haranguing uno, dos and thres but there are no buyers”.  Even the US and Saudi Arabia who were supposed to be the main backers of the Mustakbal movement (of the Hariri family) failed to deliver anything to preserve the total destruction of Lebanon.

Hezbollah is not about to stop its attacks on the Israeli forces inside Lebanon as it did before when Israel held just the Shebaa Farms because it would be viewed as a strategic defeat for its primarily ideology.  Hezbollah is not about to lay down its arms as long as there is no united, strong and solid government constituted of all the main political parties that count on the ground.

The war might continue at a lower intensity for some time to come but reconstruction of Lebanon, socially, politically and economically is about to start.  The reconstruction would require the sorting out of the real winners and admitting that the main political powers are Hezbollah and the Tayyar movement of Michel Aoun that catered for the refugees in the Christian districts of Mount Lebanon and also seconded politically the resistance of Hezbollah against the Israeli onslaught.

August 5, 2006


Yesterday, Israel pounded Tyr and its surroundings for most of the day and then attempted a commando drop on Tyr that was contained by the Lebanese army and failed leaving one dead and 8 injured Israeli soldiers.  A Lebanese anti aircraft unit was hit and a soldier died.  The Hezbollah missiles targeted the main Israeli air force base in Khodayra, 10 miles north of Tel Aviv.  Everyday we are promised a cessation of military activities but the end is constantly being postponed.  The latest promises in by Monday or most probably by Wednesday though how the Arab summit of the foreign affairs ministers planning to meet in Beirut on Monday under fire is not yet clear. Former General Michel Aoun delivered a speech refusing any multinational force because they failed twice before when they were displayed in Lebanon and because if any confrontation between the Lebanese resistance and the UN forces then we will have no recourse for any third party to negotiate a cease fire.  What is required is that resolutions of the main causes for this war be fulfilled such as the return of the Lebanese prisoners in Israel, the withdrawal of Israel from all our territories including the Shebaa Farms, handing us the maps of the land mines left in Lebanon after Israel’s withdrawal in 2000, and the complete cessation of Israel constant incursions in our air spaces and maritime water.  We are the sole responsible for our independence, self autonomy and instituting a strong government and we do not need more troubles and problems from the international involvement in our internal affairs.

Israel is insisting on gaining a buffer zone in the south but has failed so far.

William is spending the better hours of the day almost naked and bare foot, doing yoga exercises, contemplating, laying out in the sun on the roof and sometimes reading metaphysical books.  He has to finish several incomplete projects but he seems oblivious to his requirements.

Joanna went to see Jean who is leaving to Dubai for a high school teaching contract via Syria using the old coastal road north since the main highway was out of order because four of its main bridges were destroyed yesterday by Israeli jets.

August 4, 2006


Last night I went to bed about 12:30 a.m. and then I heard two strong bangs that vibrated our windows and I figured out that they might be the super sonic effects of the Israeli jets.  We woke up with urgent news of Israel bombing all the main bridges on the main coastal highway between Beirut and Tripoli.  The bridges in Maameltein in Jounieh, the Casino of Lebanon that link Jounieh to the Kesrouan district, the Madfoun bridge that separate the Byblos district from the main highway and it is not the end yet.  We called Cedric not to go to work in Beirut because he had a barbecue at his friend close to Antelias and he slept over.  Joanna was summoned not to go to work at Ajaltoun.

There are indications that a cease fire might be declared on Monday, a long time for the Lebanese citizens who are bracing themselves for a complete destruction of the infrastructure so that Israel manages to get a foothold in the south.

Joanna called me from her work yesterday around 6 p.m. asking me to join her at the gym for a swim.  I bought a month membership and waited for her at the outdoor pool.  She arrived around 6:45 and said that she has been looking for me everywhere.  It turned out that the outdoor pool closes at 6.  Joanna asked me how she should swim so that she doesn’t go out of breath quickly.  She has the habit of swimming like frogs and exhaling totally before swimming because she tended to swim at the bottom of the pool. I told her to exhale in the water at brief intervals to conserve air in her lungs and then to exhale completely in the water before breathing again. She tried to reduce the number of stokes to reach the end of the pool from 12 to nine by extending further her arms and kicking more vigorously.  We swam for an hour; I was using my fins because they allow me for additional flexibilities in using my stomach muscles and much better flotation.  Then we joined the sauna at 80 degrees followed by the Jacuzzi at low jet pressure and warm water.  By the time we left after 9:30 p.m. the gym was already closed.

When I returned home Nasr Allah had already delivered his regular speech.  He offered Israel a deal:  Stop targeting our towns and civilians and our rockets will stop raining on your towns.  If you want war to continue then let it be among your army and our resistance fighters.  He lambasted the stupid Israeli Olmert PM, the very senile vice PM Shimon Peres and the crazy Bush.  He warned that if Israel decided to target Beirut then Hezbollah missiles will hit Tel Aviv.  He stated that every Lebanese who claims to love Lebanon has to share in the war effort.

The two tankers carrying oil and promised to land in Lebanon today have postponed their arrivals until further Israeli security confirmation.  Cars are lining up for gas even if their tanks are already almost full.

At 3 p.m. Joanna took Ashley to the gym for a swim.  Chelsea learned that our neighbor’s kids went to the gym also and insisted to join them.  It cost $7 to enter and Chelsea asked the totally broke William, who is out of work, to lend her the money.  She dumped the money in small change on the counter and the receptionist was touched; I then gave the receptionist  $4 and told her to give Chelsea back the account.   So all these kids wanted to play and harass us while swimming in the outdoor pool.  Joanna took her time and while waiting for her to finish swimming, Chelsea spent her money on French fries, juices, and ice cream.

Wajdi, the youngest son of my cousin Jihad, has also a membership but he goes in the morning for body lifting.  Body lifting is what young university students who immigrate to the US or Canada usually takes on first in order to measure up with the hulking Americans.

August 3rd, 2006


Last night, Israel claimed that by tonight it would have succeeded in securing a buffer zone in south Lebanon the size it had before the year 2000.  Hezbollah announced that 300 missiles were launched yesterday while Israel confirmed about 240. There is a climate that both sides in the conflict are exhausted or plainly disgusted from continuing this madness which is reflected in the big countries trying harder to reach an understanding this week.

The doorman at the Byblos bank told me: “Could you have imagined that Hezbollah was so powerful?  I am glad that former PM Michel Aoun has reached an understanding with Hezbollah, otherwise, the Christians would have been creamed in any civil war.”

Even Marwan Hamade, minister of communication and a staunch member of the political coalition of February 14 currently governing and having the majority in the Parliament, has affirmed that Hezbollah won the war regardless of the destruction and that any UN resolution has to take into account the positions of Hezbollah.

The “Al Balad” daily mentioned a rumor that 80% of the civilian cadres of Hezbollah are out of Lebanon, by order of their Secretary General Nasr Allah, to prepare the ground for the next confrontations.

The Egyptian, Jordanian, and EU foreign affairs ministers are in Beirut in an attempt to reaching a face saving consensus with Lebanese Seniora PM while publicly supporting his 7-point solution that he expounded in Rome at the end of the first week of the hostilities.

Since Lebanon is practically destroyed and we have not much to lose anymore, I would suggest to Hezbollah an effective strategy to reduce Israel to a state of exporting oranges instead of high tech software.  The plan is that every couple of months, Hezbollah would target the high tech industries and institutions of Israel forcing the investment of the international electronic nerds to dwindle to a trickle while pushing the Israelis electronic nerds to seek outside greener pastures.

Hezbollah rockets are still raining on northern Israel and beyond and the Israeli army was not able to retain any tangible piece of land in Lebanon though it claims to have 6,000 soldiers in Lebanon.

William and Ashley are working out a free lance contract offer for Sanita of a 3-D design of fishes.

August 2nd, 2006


We are really plagued by electricity shortage; I am under the impression that most of the days both the public utility and our private provider shut down from midnight till 6:30 a.m.  Yesterday, I woke up at 6 because I went to bed early because I got tired switching on and off the breaker between the two providers; my sister upstairs has installed an automatic breaker because she is paying for a 15 amperes instead of 5 that is sufficient for me.  How much amperes you signed up for is becoming irrelevant because the private provider is no longer able to support the extensive shut down of the public utility and we are ending with no electricity for 3 to 4 hours in a stretch during the critical times of needs as it appears.  To resume my story, I woke up at 6 with the intention of working on my diary but there was no electricity whatsoever. I read for an our in the daylight and then we had electricity for an hour and then by the time I was deeply involved on the piece that I was writing it shut down again for 12 hours.  Incidentally, I work in a specific room in the basement that is not connected to the private provider and thus I feel strongly for that double shortage than most.

Last night I kept vigil on the latest news break; the Israeli propaganda were working on my nerves:  the Israelis were claiming that they managed to get footholds on three sectors in the south and then they attempted a major air drop around Baalbak with the intention of killing or kidnapping either Nash Allah or a major military commander by the name Nakad who might be in the nearby hospital.  I went to bed with the news that the parachuting attempt on Baalbak failed.

I walk up with unusual brouhaha:  my mother picked up the ringing phone and listened uncomprehending to a short registered message ending with the statement “this message is from the Israeli Defense Forces”.  My father was greatly upset thinking that we were personally targeted and then I made him read a report in the daily newspaper which explained that Israel has invaded our airwaves and telephone links by routing its propaganda messages from private international routers not located in Lebanon but concentrated in Canada.

The news was that Israel managed to kidnap 3 civilians and killed 10 persons in its air drop last night.  So far, Israel has not occupied any town after 21 days of air and gun pounding while Hezbollah’s missiles are reaching farther inside Israel everyday such as Bissan closed to the West Bank and Afula, with higher devastating capabilities (Khibar One) of 100 kilo load, and more numerous (about 200 missiles).  The Israeli soldiers are starting to question the real purpose of their involvement in Lebanon. Every week, Israel demand from the US an extension of another couple of weeks for its military efforts in order to conquer a buffer zone of just 6 km. There is a promise from the International Community that a truce might be coming within two days, a promise that we have been hearing for so many times.

August 1st, 2006


Today is the anniversary of the Lebanese army.  It is certainly not a cheerful event with so many soldiers being fire at like sitting ducks; Israel killed one soldier and injured 3 others by targeting an army barrack north of Tyr and then apologized!

Gas stations are opening a couple of hours and lines of cars await their turn to fill the limit of a gallon of gas while others who know how to bribe are filing Jeri cans. Private providers of electricity are shutting down most of the night.  Syria is supplying electricity to the North and the Bekkaa Valley.  Israel has bombed the Jiyeh utility facility that supplies a big part of Mount Lebanon.

The water utility collector showed up at our door demanding around $175 for the year in a lump sum for whatever little water we are receiving.  Faced by our outcry he asked us just to sign that he came so that he could be paid.

Israel has concentrated 30,000 soldiers on our southern border and is preparing for an invasion on a large scale.  It appears that this amount of force might at least be a warning to Syria not to intervene or at worst preparations to attack Syria if Israel manages to easily overrun Hezbollah after 20 days of constant shelling of a tiny area.  Today, Israel is trying hard to penetrate at a junction in the town of Adisee that is the shortest path to the Litany River, may be around 6 km.  The objective is more political than military because Israel might be able to claim that it reached the Litany River as it boasted, thus confusing its western allies with unfounded victories, when in fact it lost the war.

Israel destroyed 300 houses around Baalbak, very close to the Syrian borders.  Actually, in the last couple of days Israel has been attacking close to the Syrian borders sending tacit messages of retaliations if Hezbollah is not seriously diminished after this war. Have to disconnect because the electricity is off again.

Yemen President Abdallah Saleh volunteered a number of 28,000 as the number of the Hezbollah fighters.  It is such a shame that many Arab regimes would like to see Hezbollah weakened without even offering a token of political support to Hezbollah.

We went, Victor, my mother, Chelsea and I, to the “Locanda Corsini” to pick up Ashley who waits on tables there.  This small hotel charges $175 per night and serves exclusively Italian dishes and is located in Naas, an area close to Bikfayya.  We stopped at Yamine’s in Beit Chebab for ice cream because Chelsea wanted pressed ice cream: there was no electricity and we all ate regular ice cream on cones.  We dropped my mother at her sister Montaha.

News flash at 8:30 p.m.: Israel retreated from Adisee leaving behind 35 soldiers dead and injured.

Joanna paid $30 for one month membership at our local gym center with both an indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The outdoor swimming pool is not heated but she can suffer cold water and the inside pool has a disgusting yellow color. She could not get a shower because the center did not receive the promised 2 water tanks that replenish its water deficit.  The manager has told me that they are charging $7 specifically for the water shortages which the kids do not know how to economize on.  Joanna was asked by an older man whether she is a foreigner because the stomachs of the Lebanese women do not exhibit the six partitioned stomach muscles. I have got to disconnect because the power is off.

July 30, 2006


Israel promised Condoleezza to stop air strikes for 48 hours in order not to blunder again and commit further civilian massacres like the one in Qana; probably Israel needed a break to maintain its jets after thousands of sorties but it did use them to target the road to Damascus in Masnaa.  The Red Cross was allowed to visit Bint Jbeyl and it did retrieve 13 senile elder people from under the rubble and they located a dozen of dead people along the road, part of their body eaten by famished dogs.

The French Foreign Affair is in Beirut as well as the Iranian counterpart; just to fill time until the US decides on the appropriate timing for a cease fire.

Another Israeli Frigate of the type “Saar” was hit by a missile of the coast of Tyre; apparently the Israeli navy forgot that it is too dangerous to come close to our seashore.

The Cold War is over but the US and Saudi Arabia are still wiling to subsidize regional conflicts like between Israel and Lebanon for a devilish Grand Middle East strategy and laying the blame on Iran.  Saudi Arabia allowed for the war to drag on and in return is granting a couple of billions dollars to our treasury as a face saving gesture to calm the anger of the Arab and Islamic masses.

McDonald, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken might be common in Lebanon but Lebanon will never fall under the “Golden Arches” theory until the technologically advanced companies such as Intel, Cisco and Microsoft are permitted by the US administration to invest in Lebanon; the Middle East will have to wait until Israel gives the green light, which is never.

Thomas Friedman advanced this theory that no countries that opened up it market for McDonald franchises have suffered military conflicts after the fall of the Berlin walls and those leaders which ignored that fact will pay a dear price for their adventures. I suspect that he selected McDonald because he liked the “Golden Arch” title for his theory since it is of paramount importance to have a balanced basket of multinationals in selected markets as proof of serious US involvement in the peace and security of a country.  Well, Lebanon is flooded with every kind of US franchises in the food business but it was not speared complete destruction this time around.  Or maybe the theory is about right because these US multinationals are concentrated in Beirut which was spared on the basis of not weakening the Seniora PM government!  Amazing that this theory could be applied even selectively on specific cities within one country!  Maybe Hezbollah made a tactical mistake by not introducing a couple of US multinationals in its Security Square in South Beirut which might have saved this area the complete demolition it suffered?  Maybe the major cities in Syria should started wooing US multinationals to come and invest in them so that they might be saved brutal air strikes from Israel?

Maybe another reason the US invaded the rich and populated Iraq is because Saddam Hussein on the basis of the extensive economic embargo had to wall off his country on the US multinationals?

The German multinational Siemens has built a factory in Haifa with links to the Palestinian city of Rammallah which was devastated by Sharon during Arafat; unfortunately, Siemens is not a USA multinational.

Ashley was depressed most of the day because she was off and could not see her boyfriend because of the gas shortage.

I called up a friend of mine and he asked me to bring my swimming trunk for he has a small outdoor pool on his roof but we did not get around doing any swimming. We played ping pong instead and he had to go do some weight lifting at a nearby gym and I sat down with his wife and two elderly women, his mother and the mother of his wife, and played card.  My niece Chelsea was supposed to join me for the swim but she was caught up playing with her friends.

July 29, 2006


Israel demolished a civilian building in a town close to Qana, 16 km east of Tyre, and buried 55 people under the rubbles so far.  Qana is the town that witnessed the same massacre in 1986 during Shimon Peres PM tenure where 300 civilian were premeditatedly killed by shelling the compound of the UN observers where they took refuge.  I have watched on the TV stations the removal of the bodies of 25 children and babies being dug out from under the debris.  CNN showed a sanitized version of the ordeal.  CNN asked its correspondent in Lebanon whether Israel has warned the townspeople to vacate and he replied that the people could not evacuate because Israel was targeting every vehicle leaving the town and any one who had a car could not drive it because all the gas station were destroyed and all the roads were cut since the beginning of the hostilities.  There was no missile launching from the town or around it as Israel is intent on claiming.  A pure and unadulterated war crime is for all the world community to testify for and succumb to the consequences for its laxity on demanding and enforcing the cease fire.  Even after 19 days of brutal war that is completely contracted out by the Bush administration the world community was unable to put an end to the killing of 750 civilians and the evacuation of 800 thousand citizens from their homes.

The head of the Lebanese Chamber of Deputies, Nabih Berri, stated that Lebanon is no longer in the mood of discussing anything short of immediate cease fire and the investigation of Israel many war crimes.  Condoleezza has cancelled its visit to Beirut after she called up the Lebanese Seniora PM and expressing her crocodile sorrow; at least she uttered that the moment is quickly approaching a resolution for a cease fire, even if Israel is verbally denying any such event.

Nash Allah delivered his regular speech yesterday.  He said that he is proud to be accepted as one of the resistance fighters who are the leaders, the masters and the defenders of our honor, land, and the peaceful coexistence of all the Lebanese people.  With tears wetting his eyes, he kissed their heads that shamed the arrogance of the Israelis; he kissed their hands ready on the trigger, and he kissed their feet that never moved from their positions even when the mountains shook under them.  Nasr Allah stated that after 19 days of total war on Lebanon and the devastation of the south the Israelis did not achieve any military victory.  After over 7000 airstrike sorties the missiles are still pouring on the northern regions of Israel and reaching beyond Haifa.  The Israeli army has retreated behind the borders, the helicopters are no longer flying over Lebanon and the Israeli Navy is redundant.  He stated the victory is close and this victory is for all the Lebanese citizens irrespective of their religious sects, regions or political affiliations.

Nasr Allah continued that Israel is already mature and very ready for a complete cease fire but that the US administration is still forcing it hands to resume the war; a proof that Israel is no longer a self autonomous state and that the State of Israel was established as an army of mercenaries and not the way around.

The Lebanese anger flared after the Qana massacre and rampaged the UN ESQUA headquarter in Beirut and it took serious persistence for the Hezbollah Deputy Ali Haj Hassan to restrain the crowd from further mayhem who gathered in front of the PM governmental palace seeking to enter it and confront Seniora for the incapacity of the government to achieve a cease fire.  UN Annan thanked the Lebanese government for restraining the Lebanese masses but was understanding for the Lebanese behavior for putting the blame on the failure of the UN institution for the continuation of this immoral war. Chirac as well as the EU have again asked for immediate cease fire and the UN is meeting tonight for that specific item.

Israel is heavily hitting the towns around Yohmor-Shkeef in the Chouf region and targeted there the barrack of the second brigade of the Lebanese army.

The government met tonight and the minister of information summarized the proceedings by an unusual steadfast stand that there will no longer be any dialogue with the US, the UN or the EU before a complete cease fire is passed by the UN council.

Joanna is restless because there is no gas “bonbones” to heat water and she is wondering how she might go to work tomorrow; as usual, in order to vent her anxieties she has recourse to calling every one she knows and expound her predicaments.

Yuhanna bicycled from Ajaltoun for 3 hours and is stuck here because gas stations are all closed for lack of gasoline delivery.  Same for Cederic friend’s Michael. Ashley was very upset that she could not drive to Antelias for the scarcity of gas, a distance of 17 km, because her boyfriend is visiting a friend of his over there.




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