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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

August 2nd, 2006


We are really plagued by electricity shortage; I am under the impression that most of the days both the public utility and our private provider shut down from midnight till 6:30 a.m.  Yesterday, I woke up at 6 because I went to bed early because I got tired switching on and off the breaker between the two providers; my sister upstairs has installed an automatic breaker because she is paying for a 15 amperes instead of 5 that is sufficient for me.  How much amperes you signed up for is becoming irrelevant because the private provider is no longer able to support the extensive shut down of the public utility and we are ending with no electricity for 3 to 4 hours in a stretch during the critical times of needs as it appears.  To resume my story, I woke up at 6 with the intention of working on my diary but there was no electricity whatsoever. I read for an our in the daylight and then we had electricity for an hour and then by the time I was deeply involved on the piece that I was writing it shut down again for 12 hours.  Incidentally, I work in a specific room in the basement that is not connected to the private provider and thus I feel strongly for that double shortage than most.

Last night I kept vigil on the latest news break; the Israeli propaganda were working on my nerves:  the Israelis were claiming that they managed to get footholds on three sectors in the south and then they attempted a major air drop around Baalbak with the intention of killing or kidnapping either Nash Allah or a major military commander by the name Nakad who might be in the nearby hospital.  I went to bed with the news that the parachuting attempt on Baalbak failed.

I walk up with unusual brouhaha:  my mother picked up the ringing phone and listened uncomprehending to a short registered message ending with the statement “this message is from the Israeli Defense Forces”.  My father was greatly upset thinking that we were personally targeted and then I made him read a report in the daily newspaper which explained that Israel has invaded our airwaves and telephone links by routing its propaganda messages from private international routers not located in Lebanon but concentrated in Canada.

The news was that Israel managed to kidnap 3 civilians and killed 10 persons in its air drop last night.  So far, Israel has not occupied any town after 21 days of air and gun pounding while Hezbollah’s missiles are reaching farther inside Israel everyday such as Bissan closed to the West Bank and Afula, with higher devastating capabilities (Khibar One) of 100 kilo load, and more numerous (about 200 missiles).  The Israeli soldiers are starting to question the real purpose of their involvement in Lebanon. Every week, Israel demand from the US an extension of another couple of weeks for its military efforts in order to conquer a buffer zone of just 6 km. There is a promise from the International Community that a truce might be coming within two days, a promise that we have been hearing for so many times.

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