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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

August 3rd, 2006


Last night, Israel claimed that by tonight it would have succeeded in securing a buffer zone in south Lebanon the size it had before the year 2000.  Hezbollah announced that 300 missiles were launched yesterday while Israel confirmed about 240. There is a climate that both sides in the conflict are exhausted or plainly disgusted from continuing this madness which is reflected in the big countries trying harder to reach an understanding this week.

The doorman at the Byblos bank told me: “Could you have imagined that Hezbollah was so powerful?  I am glad that former PM Michel Aoun has reached an understanding with Hezbollah, otherwise, the Christians would have been creamed in any civil war.”

Even Marwan Hamade, minister of communication and a staunch member of the political coalition of February 14 currently governing and having the majority in the Parliament, has affirmed that Hezbollah won the war regardless of the destruction and that any UN resolution has to take into account the positions of Hezbollah.

The “Al Balad” daily mentioned a rumor that 80% of the civilian cadres of Hezbollah are out of Lebanon, by order of their Secretary General Nasr Allah, to prepare the ground for the next confrontations.

The Egyptian, Jordanian, and EU foreign affairs ministers are in Beirut in an attempt to reaching a face saving consensus with Lebanese Seniora PM while publicly supporting his 7-point solution that he expounded in Rome at the end of the first week of the hostilities.

Since Lebanon is practically destroyed and we have not much to lose anymore, I would suggest to Hezbollah an effective strategy to reduce Israel to a state of exporting oranges instead of high tech software.  The plan is that every couple of months, Hezbollah would target the high tech industries and institutions of Israel forcing the investment of the international electronic nerds to dwindle to a trickle while pushing the Israelis electronic nerds to seek outside greener pastures.

Hezbollah rockets are still raining on northern Israel and beyond and the Israeli army was not able to retain any tangible piece of land in Lebanon though it claims to have 6,000 soldiers in Lebanon.

William and Ashley are working out a free lance contract offer for Sanita of a 3-D design of fishes.

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