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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

August 4, 2006


Last night I went to bed about 12:30 a.m. and then I heard two strong bangs that vibrated our windows and I figured out that they might be the super sonic effects of the Israeli jets.  We woke up with urgent news of Israel bombing all the main bridges on the main coastal highway between Beirut and Tripoli.  The bridges in Maameltein in Jounieh, the Casino of Lebanon that link Jounieh to the Kesrouan district, the Madfoun bridge that separate the Byblos district from the main highway and it is not the end yet.  We called Cedric not to go to work in Beirut because he had a barbecue at his friend close to Antelias and he slept over.  Joanna was summoned not to go to work at Ajaltoun.

There are indications that a cease fire might be declared on Monday, a long time for the Lebanese citizens who are bracing themselves for a complete destruction of the infrastructure so that Israel manages to get a foothold in the south.

Joanna called me from her work yesterday around 6 p.m. asking me to join her at the gym for a swim.  I bought a month membership and waited for her at the outdoor pool.  She arrived around 6:45 and said that she has been looking for me everywhere.  It turned out that the outdoor pool closes at 6.  Joanna asked me how she should swim so that she doesn’t go out of breath quickly.  She has the habit of swimming like frogs and exhaling totally before swimming because she tended to swim at the bottom of the pool. I told her to exhale in the water at brief intervals to conserve air in her lungs and then to exhale completely in the water before breathing again. She tried to reduce the number of stokes to reach the end of the pool from 12 to nine by extending further her arms and kicking more vigorously.  We swam for an hour; I was using my fins because they allow me for additional flexibilities in using my stomach muscles and much better flotation.  Then we joined the sauna at 80 degrees followed by the Jacuzzi at low jet pressure and warm water.  By the time we left after 9:30 p.m. the gym was already closed.

When I returned home Nasr Allah had already delivered his regular speech.  He offered Israel a deal:  Stop targeting our towns and civilians and our rockets will stop raining on your towns.  If you want war to continue then let it be among your army and our resistance fighters.  He lambasted the stupid Israeli Olmert PM, the very senile vice PM Shimon Peres and the crazy Bush.  He warned that if Israel decided to target Beirut then Hezbollah missiles will hit Tel Aviv.  He stated that every Lebanese who claims to love Lebanon has to share in the war effort.

The two tankers carrying oil and promised to land in Lebanon today have postponed their arrivals until further Israeli security confirmation.  Cars are lining up for gas even if their tanks are already almost full.

At 3 p.m. Joanna took Ashley to the gym for a swim.  Chelsea learned that our neighbor’s kids went to the gym also and insisted to join them.  It cost $7 to enter and Chelsea asked the totally broke William, who is out of work, to lend her the money.  She dumped the money in small change on the counter and the receptionist was touched; I then gave the receptionist  $4 and told her to give Chelsea back the account.   So all these kids wanted to play and harass us while swimming in the outdoor pool.  Joanna took her time and while waiting for her to finish swimming, Chelsea spent her money on French fries, juices, and ice cream.

Wajdi, the youngest son of my cousin Jihad, has also a membership but he goes in the morning for body lifting.  Body lifting is what young university students who immigrate to the US or Canada usually takes on first in order to measure up with the hulking Americans.

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