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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

August 5, 2006


Yesterday, Israel pounded Tyr and its surroundings for most of the day and then attempted a commando drop on Tyr that was contained by the Lebanese army and failed leaving one dead and 8 injured Israeli soldiers.  A Lebanese anti aircraft unit was hit and a soldier died.  The Hezbollah missiles targeted the main Israeli air force base in Khodayra, 10 miles north of Tel Aviv.  Everyday we are promised a cessation of military activities but the end is constantly being postponed.  The latest promises in by Monday or most probably by Wednesday though how the Arab summit of the foreign affairs ministers planning to meet in Beirut on Monday under fire is not yet clear. Former General Michel Aoun delivered a speech refusing any multinational force because they failed twice before when they were displayed in Lebanon and because if any confrontation between the Lebanese resistance and the UN forces then we will have no recourse for any third party to negotiate a cease fire.  What is required is that resolutions of the main causes for this war be fulfilled such as the return of the Lebanese prisoners in Israel, the withdrawal of Israel from all our territories including the Shebaa Farms, handing us the maps of the land mines left in Lebanon after Israel’s withdrawal in 2000, and the complete cessation of Israel constant incursions in our air spaces and maritime water.  We are the sole responsible for our independence, self autonomy and instituting a strong government and we do not need more troubles and problems from the international involvement in our internal affairs.

Israel is insisting on gaining a buffer zone in the south but has failed so far.

William is spending the better hours of the day almost naked and bare foot, doing yoga exercises, contemplating, laying out in the sun on the roof and sometimes reading metaphysical books.  He has to finish several incomplete projects but he seems oblivious to his requirements.

Joanna went to see Jean who is leaving to Dubai for a high school teaching contract via Syria using the old coastal road north since the main highway was out of order because four of its main bridges were destroyed yesterday by Israeli jets.

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