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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

August 6, 2006


The garrisons of the Palestinian Popular Front (The General Command) are being heavily targeted by the Israeli jets this morning in the Bekaa and at the town of Naamy in the Choueifat.  The Hezbollah missiles are still raining in Galilee and the town of Maalut.  The foreign minister of Syria, Walid Mualem, is in Beirut already and he might be the star of the Arab summit supposed to be held in Beirut tomorrow, as the Iranian Ahamadi Najad PM was for the Islamic summit in Malaysia two days ago and did not reach anything concrete for Lebanon’s cease fire. The Syrian position tomorrow will show where the needle of the World Community compass is pointing to in order to find the proper solution to our calamities.

The town of Ansar is under heavy Israeli bombardment.

The Lebanese Seniora PM government is becoming irrelevant because it was unable to manage our internal problems but mainly because it cannot deliver on anything it decided upon.  There are two military internal powers, Hezbollah resistance and the Lebanese army, and both cannot be ordered and directed by Seniora PM without a complete political agreement by all the Lebanese religious sects and political parties.  As one commentators and political analyst, Mohammad Salaam, said: “Seniora PM is like an auctioneer selling something that he has not; he is haranguing uno, dos and thres but there are no buyers”.  Even the US and Saudi Arabia who were supposed to be the main backers of the Mustakbal movement (of the Hariri family) failed to deliver anything to preserve the total destruction of Lebanon.

Hezbollah is not about to stop its attacks on the Israeli forces inside Lebanon as it did before when Israel held just the Shebaa Farms because it would be viewed as a strategic defeat for its primarily ideology.  Hezbollah is not about to lay down its arms as long as there is no united, strong and solid government constituted of all the main political parties that count on the ground.

The war might continue at a lower intensity for some time to come but reconstruction of Lebanon, socially, politically and economically is about to start.  The reconstruction would require the sorting out of the real winners and admitting that the main political powers are Hezbollah and the Tayyar movement of Michel Aoun that catered for the refugees in the Christian districts of Mount Lebanon and also seconded politically the resistance of Hezbollah against the Israeli onslaught.

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