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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

August 8, 2006


A crowded street of Shyah, a suburb in south Beirut, was targeted by the Israeli jets in the evening killing at least 17 civilians and injuring 30;  a food mall was specifically destroyed which used to be a former factory for the Ghandour industry.  The Lebanese government issued a decree summoning the reserve to join the army in order to send them to the south once Israel evacuates all our territories, including the Shebaa Farm.  Hezbollah accepted this resolution.

Hezbollah retaliated by raining rockets on Haifa.  Earlier in the day the missiles targeted Israeli military command posts in Acka and Kiryat Shemouna.

I think that I figured out the cause of this war and the scenario that unfolded to reaching this catastrophic high of total destruction of Lebanon infrastructure and the displacement of a million citizens.

Israel was the main country in the Middle East that profited from the Cold War System enjoying lavish military superiority and unlimited financial support from the US and the European states. When that system crumbled Israel felt in danger of losing her status as the main US allies in this region.  Former Israel Barak PM understood the changing climate and decided to unilaterally withdraw from the occupied territories in South Lebanon pressured by the resistance stubbornness and efficiency.  In the mean time, Israel had undergone an economic change from selling oranges to catering to high tech demands in this electronic age.  The occupation of Iraq by the US sent a strong signal that Israel geopolitical situation is fast becoming redundant.  The way out of this impasse was to create a regional Cold War System that many in the US administration understand and longed for. Iran was the scapegoat for a regional Soviet Union, which was enriching Uranium, destabilizing Iraq, and fully supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Iran was harassed by the World Community for defying the UN Atomic Agency and the image of the Evil power was disseminated by the Jewish controlled media.  The Israeli military mafia was ready to reap the fruit of the maligned “Evil Iranian Mullahs” that was well entrenched in the Western minds.  Striking the surrogate of Ian’s Mullahs in Lebanon was about the size and ideal target that Israel was wiling to take a calculated risk in order to keep the US unconditional support for its atrocities in Palestine.  The collateral benefits of this war was to demolish Lebanon its really staunch enemy politically, socially and the future potential to competing with its high tech achievements.

Israel convinced and got the green light from the US and a few Arab states to seriously weaken Hezbollah military and organizational structures.  The Israeli air force was pretty certain that it could do the job without the messy and costly land incursion.

Apparently, either for lack of excellent and accurate military intelligence on the location of Hezbollah’s bases and how it operated, or the reckless targeting of civilian objectives the Israeli air force could not prevent the Hezbollah’s missile raining on the Galilee and displacing thousands of Israeli civilians from their towns and kibbutz.

The US got the message clear that Israel is no longer in a situation to win the objective of the war within a week; the US lost the image of being the staunch supporter of Lebanon’s independence that it tried to invest so dearly on by deciding to prolong the war, destroying Lebanon and its shaky government.  The images of the children being slaughtered and buried under the debris in Qana and everywhere else in Lebanon were the last stroke to its ugly methods of what could be the consequences of the Greater Middle East plan.

The war has already lasted a month and Hezbollah’s rockets are still showering in Israel and have reached deep into Afula, close to Tel Aviv.  The Arab states have turned around and are fully supporting the Lebanese 7-points resolution and have finally recognized the impotence of the Israeli military might to be of any serious threat in the future.  Israel has comprehended its failure to tame Hezbollah and is now recalculating the cost of its adventure by deciding to completely destroy Lebanon as the last resort.

Hezbollah’s courageous stand is catching the imagination and hearts of most Arab and Islamic masses. Iran has gained strength and determination to resume its nuclear program and is ready to pounce on the US military forces stationed in Iraq and the Arab Gulf States.  Israel has lost its luster almost everywhere and serious criticisms of the legitimacy of its barbaric behaviors are under an intense flash light.  Lebanon will no longer afford to resume its old system based on the traditional feudal and sectarian power bases.  A few Arabic States will have to contain the frustrations that were not vented by its masses until now and will have to reform politically, socially, and economically. Even using oil as a weapon is no longer out of the question if the war continues and the situation deteriorates further.

Sure the Lebanese citizens and its infrastructures were the price paid for this drastic change in the Greater Middle East plan.

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