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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

July 29, 2006


Israel demolished a civilian building in a town close to Qana, 16 km east of Tyre, and buried 55 people under the rubbles so far.  Qana is the town that witnessed the same massacre in 1986 during Shimon Peres PM tenure where 300 civilian were premeditatedly killed by shelling the compound of the UN observers where they took refuge.  I have watched on the TV stations the removal of the bodies of 25 children and babies being dug out from under the debris.  CNN showed a sanitized version of the ordeal.  CNN asked its correspondent in Lebanon whether Israel has warned the townspeople to vacate and he replied that the people could not evacuate because Israel was targeting every vehicle leaving the town and any one who had a car could not drive it because all the gas station were destroyed and all the roads were cut since the beginning of the hostilities.  There was no missile launching from the town or around it as Israel is intent on claiming.  A pure and unadulterated war crime is for all the world community to testify for and succumb to the consequences for its laxity on demanding and enforcing the cease fire.  Even after 19 days of brutal war that is completely contracted out by the Bush administration the world community was unable to put an end to the killing of 750 civilians and the evacuation of 800 thousand citizens from their homes.

The head of the Lebanese Chamber of Deputies, Nabih Berri, stated that Lebanon is no longer in the mood of discussing anything short of immediate cease fire and the investigation of Israel many war crimes.  Condoleezza has cancelled its visit to Beirut after she called up the Lebanese Seniora PM and expressing her crocodile sorrow; at least she uttered that the moment is quickly approaching a resolution for a cease fire, even if Israel is verbally denying any such event.

Nash Allah delivered his regular speech yesterday.  He said that he is proud to be accepted as one of the resistance fighters who are the leaders, the masters and the defenders of our honor, land, and the peaceful coexistence of all the Lebanese people.  With tears wetting his eyes, he kissed their heads that shamed the arrogance of the Israelis; he kissed their hands ready on the trigger, and he kissed their feet that never moved from their positions even when the mountains shook under them.  Nasr Allah stated that after 19 days of total war on Lebanon and the devastation of the south the Israelis did not achieve any military victory.  After over 7000 airstrike sorties the missiles are still pouring on the northern regions of Israel and reaching beyond Haifa.  The Israeli army has retreated behind the borders, the helicopters are no longer flying over Lebanon and the Israeli Navy is redundant.  He stated the victory is close and this victory is for all the Lebanese citizens irrespective of their religious sects, regions or political affiliations.

Nasr Allah continued that Israel is already mature and very ready for a complete cease fire but that the US administration is still forcing it hands to resume the war; a proof that Israel is no longer a self autonomous state and that the State of Israel was established as an army of mercenaries and not the way around.

The Lebanese anger flared after the Qana massacre and rampaged the UN ESQUA headquarter in Beirut and it took serious persistence for the Hezbollah Deputy Ali Haj Hassan to restrain the crowd from further mayhem who gathered in front of the PM governmental palace seeking to enter it and confront Seniora for the incapacity of the government to achieve a cease fire.  UN Annan thanked the Lebanese government for restraining the Lebanese masses but was understanding for the Lebanese behavior for putting the blame on the failure of the UN institution for the continuation of this immoral war. Chirac as well as the EU have again asked for immediate cease fire and the UN is meeting tonight for that specific item.

Israel is heavily hitting the towns around Yohmor-Shkeef in the Chouf region and targeted there the barrack of the second brigade of the Lebanese army.

The government met tonight and the minister of information summarized the proceedings by an unusual steadfast stand that there will no longer be any dialogue with the US, the UN or the EU before a complete cease fire is passed by the UN council.

Joanna is restless because there is no gas “bonbones” to heat water and she is wondering how she might go to work tomorrow; as usual, in order to vent her anxieties she has recourse to calling every one she knows and expound her predicaments.

Yuhanna bicycled from Ajaltoun for 3 hours and is stuck here because gas stations are all closed for lack of gasoline delivery.  Same for Cederic friend’s Michael. Ashley was very upset that she could not drive to Antelias for the scarcity of gas, a distance of 17 km, because her boyfriend is visiting a friend of his over there.

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