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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

July 30, 2006


Israel promised Condoleezza to stop air strikes for 48 hours in order not to blunder again and commit further civilian massacres like the one in Qana; probably Israel needed a break to maintain its jets after thousands of sorties but it did use them to target the road to Damascus in Masnaa.  The Red Cross was allowed to visit Bint Jbeyl and it did retrieve 13 senile elder people from under the rubble and they located a dozen of dead people along the road, part of their body eaten by famished dogs.

The French Foreign Affair is in Beirut as well as the Iranian counterpart; just to fill time until the US decides on the appropriate timing for a cease fire.

Another Israeli Frigate of the type “Saar” was hit by a missile of the coast of Tyre; apparently the Israeli navy forgot that it is too dangerous to come close to our seashore.

The Cold War is over but the US and Saudi Arabia are still wiling to subsidize regional conflicts like between Israel and Lebanon for a devilish Grand Middle East strategy and laying the blame on Iran.  Saudi Arabia allowed for the war to drag on and in return is granting a couple of billions dollars to our treasury as a face saving gesture to calm the anger of the Arab and Islamic masses.

McDonald, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken might be common in Lebanon but Lebanon will never fall under the “Golden Arches” theory until the technologically advanced companies such as Intel, Cisco and Microsoft are permitted by the US administration to invest in Lebanon; the Middle East will have to wait until Israel gives the green light, which is never.

Thomas Friedman advanced this theory that no countries that opened up it market for McDonald franchises have suffered military conflicts after the fall of the Berlin walls and those leaders which ignored that fact will pay a dear price for their adventures. I suspect that he selected McDonald because he liked the “Golden Arch” title for his theory since it is of paramount importance to have a balanced basket of multinationals in selected markets as proof of serious US involvement in the peace and security of a country.  Well, Lebanon is flooded with every kind of US franchises in the food business but it was not speared complete destruction this time around.  Or maybe the theory is about right because these US multinationals are concentrated in Beirut which was spared on the basis of not weakening the Seniora PM government!  Amazing that this theory could be applied even selectively on specific cities within one country!  Maybe Hezbollah made a tactical mistake by not introducing a couple of US multinationals in its Security Square in South Beirut which might have saved this area the complete demolition it suffered?  Maybe the major cities in Syria should started wooing US multinationals to come and invest in them so that they might be saved brutal air strikes from Israel?

Maybe another reason the US invaded the rich and populated Iraq is because Saddam Hussein on the basis of the extensive economic embargo had to wall off his country on the US multinationals?

The German multinational Siemens has built a factory in Haifa with links to the Palestinian city of Rammallah which was devastated by Sharon during Arafat; unfortunately, Siemens is not a USA multinational.

Ashley was depressed most of the day because she was off and could not see her boyfriend because of the gas shortage.

I called up a friend of mine and he asked me to bring my swimming trunk for he has a small outdoor pool on his roof but we did not get around doing any swimming. We played ping pong instead and he had to go do some weight lifting at a nearby gym and I sat down with his wife and two elderly women, his mother and the mother of his wife, and played card.  My niece Chelsea was supposed to join me for the swim but she was caught up playing with her friends.

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