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Diary of the war in 2006

Posted on: October 20, 2008

August 1st, 2006


Today is the anniversary of the Lebanese army.  It is certainly not a cheerful event with so many soldiers being fire at like sitting ducks; Israel killed one soldier and injured 3 others by targeting an army barrack north of Tyr and then apologized!

Gas stations are opening a couple of hours and lines of cars await their turn to fill the limit of a gallon of gas while others who know how to bribe are filing Jeri cans. Private providers of electricity are shutting down most of the night.  Syria is supplying electricity to the North and the Bekkaa Valley.  Israel has bombed the Jiyeh utility facility that supplies a big part of Mount Lebanon.

The water utility collector showed up at our door demanding around $175 for the year in a lump sum for whatever little water we are receiving.  Faced by our outcry he asked us just to sign that he came so that he could be paid.

Israel has concentrated 30,000 soldiers on our southern border and is preparing for an invasion on a large scale.  It appears that this amount of force might at least be a warning to Syria not to intervene or at worst preparations to attack Syria if Israel manages to easily overrun Hezbollah after 20 days of constant shelling of a tiny area.  Today, Israel is trying hard to penetrate at a junction in the town of Adisee that is the shortest path to the Litany River, may be around 6 km.  The objective is more political than military because Israel might be able to claim that it reached the Litany River as it boasted, thus confusing its western allies with unfounded victories, when in fact it lost the war.

Israel destroyed 300 houses around Baalbak, very close to the Syrian borders.  Actually, in the last couple of days Israel has been attacking close to the Syrian borders sending tacit messages of retaliations if Hezbollah is not seriously diminished after this war. Have to disconnect because the electricity is off again.

Yemen President Abdallah Saleh volunteered a number of 28,000 as the number of the Hezbollah fighters.  It is such a shame that many Arab regimes would like to see Hezbollah weakened without even offering a token of political support to Hezbollah.

We went, Victor, my mother, Chelsea and I, to the “Locanda Corsini” to pick up Ashley who waits on tables there.  This small hotel charges $175 per night and serves exclusively Italian dishes and is located in Naas, an area close to Bikfayya.  We stopped at Yamine’s in Beit Chebab for ice cream because Chelsea wanted pressed ice cream: there was no electricity and we all ate regular ice cream on cones.  We dropped my mother at her sister Montaha.

News flash at 8:30 p.m.: Israel retreated from Adisee leaving behind 35 soldiers dead and injured.

Joanna paid $30 for one month membership at our local gym center with both an indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The outdoor swimming pool is not heated but she can suffer cold water and the inside pool has a disgusting yellow color. She could not get a shower because the center did not receive the promised 2 water tanks that replenish its water deficit.  The manager has told me that they are charging $7 specifically for the water shortages which the kids do not know how to economize on.  Joanna was asked by an older man whether she is a foreigner because the stomachs of the Lebanese women do not exhibit the six partitioned stomach muscles. I have got to disconnect because the power is off.

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