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July 29, 2006


Dan Halutz, Israel’s army Chief of Staff, was rushed to the hospital for some stomach complications; anxiety is the main source of stomach ailments besides a few viruses.  Israel is certainly in a serious pickle:  it contracted out this war on Hezbollah from the US and is not able to deliver, at least not as quickly and as painlessly to its citizens as it expected.  Seven more Israeli soldiers were injured around Bint Jbeyl; what are they still doing over there?  I thought they withdrew.

Condoleezza is back to the region in a hurry from Malaysia in order to calm down the Israelis and arrange for a political face saving plan to end the military confrontations.  Dragging of the war is pointless by now:  Hezbollah has already won in the battlefield and in the heart and spirit of the Arab and Moslem masses.

The masses around the world are expressing their sentiment violently; the official car of Australia PM was stoned, a sniper in Seattle has targeted a Jewish lobbying organization before surrendering and the months to come will prove very unsettling to the various US, Britain and Israeli’s embassies, consulates and military targets.  Britain Blair PM is under fire for linking his political standing of total alliance with the Bush administration, including the irrational and immoral refusal of an immediate cease fire for Lebanon ; Blair also allowed the transfer of “intelligent bombs” to Israel that were transited through an airport in Scotland without the permission of the British government.

Jordan, Egypt and the Arab Emirates are ferrying military air cargoes of medicines and food.  Turkey sent a war frigate loaded with supplies and evacuated a few Turkish citizens.

It is getting obvious that an International Force is not going to be possible without a Lebanese consensus and with direct negotiations with Iran and Syria. Syria said that this intended force was meant to achieve what Israel failed to do militarily; translation: UNIFEL is still the best framework because any heavily armed International Intervention Force under the clause 7 of the UN charter will have to pack as soon as it land.

Israel refused to abide by the suggestion for a 3 days cease fire for humanitarian reasons.

I strongly feel that if Israel agrees to a cease fire it would be only temporary until the US and Israel analyze thoroughly the tactical mishaps of this war and assimilate the consequences of this war and then resume another blitz war against both Syria and Lebanon.

Joanna is checking out the sport complex in Snad at Beit Chabab and might buy a membership if her impression is positive; she went with Yuhanna, her current beau, and refuses to invite anyone else to join her.  Adrea, 13 years old, did not want to go swimming because she did not epilate.

G.W. Bush and Condoleezza have been hammering on the concept of a new Greater Middle East System without deigning to spill out the essential elements of this grand plan. As I mentioned in a political article this plan is not necessarily to secure oil since the US is getting all the supply it needs and much more for its reserves; what the US wants is to be able to secure the distribution of oil in order to blackmail China or any major countries that fail to side by her political schemes.  Democracy is the least of the Bush administration intentions in this Islamic region:  it did not recognize the democratically and legitimately elected Palestinian and Islamist Hamas or supported fully the Lebanese government because Hezbollah is an intrinsic part of it.

The Arab World is the least integrated in WTO System and the least connected to the Internet and the US would wish that this huge market shows more cooperation from the grass root for the US multinationals.

July 28, 2006


Israel has announced 2 days ago that it ordered three battalions of its reserve forces to join the front with the objective of reaching deeper toward the Awali River instead of the unattainable Litany River.  Instead, Israel is holding on any land incursion and relying again on massive air strikes in south Lebanon.  I have the feeling that the killing of the international observers has sent a serious apprehension of the madness that Israel could be driven to and some tightening of the leach is under way from the World community.

A cartoon in the “Al Balad” shows a Lebanese citizen screaming at a drunken G.W. Bush: “If 600 civilian killed Lebanese barely disturb you then how many would you like to be dead so that you can sleep peacefully?”

The citizens of the coastal city of Tyre are evacuating in mass after its center was heavily targeted by the Israelis jets.  Many southern Lebanese holding US passports and who have been trapped in the south for over 15 days have been evacuated and airlifted from Tyre.

The Canadian embassy is allowing whole families to immigrate to Canada if a single member of the family has a Canadian passport.

Joanna is still investing half an hour after she returns from work to tame a wild cat according to a few precepts that a pet book suggests.

Victor and my sister Raymonde have been waking up at 5:30 a.m. for an hour fast walk.  Adrea and Chelsea are now joining them whenever they manage to get up early.  Raymonde was upset because Adrea would have to change several times for a suitable walking attire and delaying the walk.  Adrea told me that after the walk she take a quick shower, read for half an hour and then take a morning nap before resuming reading her favorite books of Anne Rice.  Victor retired from the army with the rank of General 3 months ago because nobody was promoted this year and it was more beneficial financially for early retirement.  The first month, Victor would go for health check up in order for the military institution to evaluate his health remuneration; the sticky parts were his hearing deficiencies and back pain.  Since the army health evaluation was not satisfactory as a disabled retired officer he had to pay for private hospitals for second opinions at no avail.

Victor has been going through the classic phases of traumas of retirement but now he is calming down a bit.

I congratulated William for his lean tummy and he tried to explain that the stomach has four layers of muscles and yoga exercises work on the more important deeper two muscles. I asked him to teach me these miracle exercises and he told me to come tomorrow at any time; I knocked at his door in the attic around 10 a.m. but he did not open the door; may be he was on the balcony doing his exercises and did not hear me.  Actually, William was in the bathroom and did teach me and Adrea a couple of exercises saying that yoga is serious physical and mental efforts that require total concentration and learning to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders while performing the exercises.  We watched the movie “Munich” in the afternoon.

I called Zena in Faytroun where she and her family are renting at a small hotel by the name Bader something, fleeing from Achrafieh. She has a Canadian passport but she is not willing to wait in Cyprus for several days. She has been teaching math in Alaska in the last two years.

Israel is air striking savagely all the towns in south Lebanon after it withdrew from the three towns it intended to capture from the beginning of its hostility namely:  Maroun El Ras, Aytroun and Bint Jbeyl.  Hezbollah targeted the city of Afoula beyond Haifa with new 220 mm missiles.  A Chemical plant in Kiryat Shemouna is in fire.

July 27, 2006


No news about the resurgence of attacks on Bint Jbeyl after the ferocious resistance yesterday against the elite Golani brigade.  Probably Israel is analyzing the extent of her decision to conquer a strip as a buffer zone: it never worked before so why should it work now with an established and highly professional resistance?

Israel has resumed its air strikes on the Lebanese industries in the Bekaa Valley and on the Lebanese army barracks.  The missiles of the Lebanese Resistance are raining on the towns of Northern Israel.  Twenty percent of the inhabitants of Haiffa have fled to more secure regions unless the war drags on and even these supposed peaceful regions become targets of the missiles.  The extra week that the Bush administration is forcing upon Israel is providing additional political leverage for Hezbollah and allowing the children in south Lebanon to die of hunger and thirst.

The fallout of the killing of the international observers is spreading havoc on the US administration and feeling totally isolated with its stubborn position against a cease fire.

We have been selling, or more frequently, bartering our modicum of home eggs.  There is great demand for fresh, home eggs now and people have been harassing us for more.  We are producing less eggs and what remains is even less for home consumption because Victor is hatching chicks for his immediate family.

July 26, 2006


I drove with mother to Dhour Choweir to get my new passport and then we went shopping for food.  We arrived home around 11:30.

Israel destroyed a truck carrying medicine at the border crossing of Masnaa with Syria.  Jordan landed two military planes at the disabled airport of Beirut carrying medicines and movable hospitals.  More than 100 missiles showered all over the towns and kibbutz in northern Israel and reached Haifa again.  Israel is facing serious difficulties progressing by land and every week the Bush administration extend the delay for a cease fire another week to the uproar of the World community.

A dramatic event: Israel planes targeted UNIFIL positions in Khyam and killed 4 soldiers from the peace force with mandate to monitor security at the borders between Lebanon and Israel.  The UN Secretary General Annan denounced that attack as premeditated and the UN is in turmoil because Israel is still shelling areas very close to the UNIFIL barrack.

Israel destroyed a mosque in Tyr injuring 17 citizens and a building that housed the Shiaa clergyman Nabil Kawuk, a political leader of Hezbollah.

I took Chelsea swimming at our local sport complex.  She ate a whole cheese burger with fries to my surprise, and then she borrowed three picture books and three carton videos from our local library; I borrowed Flaubert “Les relation sentimentales”.   The gym complex in the Snad charges $7 per day and $90 for a three-month membership.

The Rome meeting of foreign affairs discussing the crisis in Lebanon did not bring a cease fire because the Bush administration feels that its goal was not reached yet from this deadly and irrational war.

I finished reading part 1,3 and 4 and now I am reading part 2 of “The Lexus…” It is a very informative and mind opening book and I am enjoying reading it.

July 25, 2006


Around one a.m. “Al Jazeera” announced that Nasr Allah will deliver a speech soon, so I waited until 2:30 and it was worth it.  Nasr Allah has the power to sooth our anxiety by his soft and decisive positions; he forced everyone to believe his pronouncements, especially the Israelis who tend to wait for his accounts on the ground.  Israel claimed to have captured Bint Jbeyl and Nasr Allah denied that claim which proved to be correct.  Israel did not expect such a valiant resistance and had to withdraw from the large town after suffering about 50 casualties among its soldiers.  Nasr Allah said that Hezbollah missiles will reach far beyond Haifa and that they are ready for a protracted war of guerrilla attrition.

In retaliation of missiles hitting Haifa Israel flattened several building in Beirut with bombs weighting 3 tons which it recently received from the US.  We heard many jets circling the regions of Kesrouan and North Metn where we live.  Mother was worried and it turned out that they were Apache helicopters.

While many are out of work Cedric has two jobs; his regular job analyzing management problems in industries and waiting on customers at the Chicane.  Ashley is waiting at a small “lucanda” in Naas that serves Italian dishes.

July 24, 2006


Hezbollah admitted that Israel has occupied Maroun Al Ras and that it suffered three more martyrs defending this hill.  Today the fighting resumed around this hill and Israel lost 4 tanks with their crews but claimed only 9 wounded soldiers.  Israel claims that it is progressing toward Bint Jbeyl and sounded proud that it has already killed 100 Hezbollah fighters after 13 days of war and destroying Lebanon and forcing 750 thousands refugees to find places to settle for the duration of the war.  Now this is a shameful result when Israel used to vanquish the armies of Egypt and Syria combined within less than 6 days. The Resistance is still showering the towns of Galilee with missiles.

Syria is in the midst of negotiation with the US to participate in the cease fire process and Lebanon is not that excited about this new intervention.  I read in the newspaper “Al Balad” that Syria would be ready to provide extensive intelligence on the location of the “Al Qaeda” centers and be an emissary with Iran to iron out the problems.

Israel agreed to an International Force or any kind of force that prevent the missiles of reaching Israel but Hezbollah said that they would be positive to that alternative as long as this force is also positioned on the Israeli side of the borders.

Deputy and former general Michel Aoun gave an interview with New TV and asserted that we would have avoided these calamites if the Lebanese government listened carefully to the paper of understanding between his movement and Hezbollah.  This understanding urged the government            to reach a compromise with the US to release the Lebanese prisoners in Israel and to pressure Israel to vacate the occupied town of Chebha. He believes that the best role for our weak army at this junction is to concentrate on maintaining internal peace and stability.

Victor is still at home and I did not ask him whether he called his army unit or what was their reply.  Condoleezza is expected in Beirut and then Israel today.

The two sons of my brother managed finally to board an Air France after waiting three days in Amman.  They hired a taxi from Lebanon to Damascus and then to Amman.




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