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Was Alexander that “Great”?

Posted on: October 21, 2008

Alexander the Great (Written on November 20, 2004)

 Alexander, the Great mad dog, was brainwashed since childhood.

He was made, insidiously, to believe that he was the descended of God.

His mother kept telling him that the Highest Priest of Egypt considered him to be the expected World King for the end of the Belier period (the two horned mammal).

Alexander was actually a bastard.

His father Phillip, king of Macedonia, strongly suspected that his wife Olympia has given birth to an illegitimate son.

At the time, the kingdom of Persia extended from the borders of India to Libya.

It included the current countries of Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and the coast of North Africa.

The wealth that the king of Persia carried in his trunks, during his first encounter with Alexander, was a million times greater than all the wealth and credit that Alexander could manage to secure in Greece before he started his interminable campaign of invasion and devastation.

The two horned Alexander shipped out with his thirty thousand soldiers at the age of twenty something.

His army was battle tried and mostly illiterate.

The king of Persia knew about the intentions of Phillip and the preparations of Alexander Years before the invasion occurred.

For thirteen years, Alexander barely backtracked in his wild push forward.

His military travel took him beyond the Persian Empire to the Southern parts of Russia, Kashmir, Pakistan and parts of India.

Alexander’s main goal was to conquer Egypt and receive from its High Priest the crown reserved for the expected son of God so that he can secure legitimacy.

While in Egypt, Alexander received a letter from the king of Persia proposing to Alexander to accept the conquered land of Turkey in order to settle their disputes.

It seems that the king of Persia was in a chatting mood.

He added a threat that if his proposal is turned down, he will keep retreating before Alexander’s troops, to the confines of his vast Empire, until Alexander gives up the chase.

He warned Alexander that this task would be impossible for Alexander to carry through.

The king of Persia had just handed Alexander a sweet excuse and a new purpose.

So much for making sense to a hot headed and crazy young adversary!

Alexander barely visited any city twice and intended to advance further east to China.

After the bloody battle in Kashmir, Alexander’s’ officers, battle worn, sick with diseases and longings to returning to Greece, and confused as to the purpose of this incomprehensible campaign, the officers finally expressed bluntly their unwillingness to go any further.

To punish his officers for foiling his dream of reaching the confines of the ancient world, Alexander made his army cross the southern desert of Persia for 60 days, where thousands of soldiers died of thirst.

Alexander could not have advanced that far if not for the fresh recruits from Greece.

The glorified news back home sent adoring new recruits who wanted also to have a share of the glory.

Alexander crossed deserts in summers, the highest mountains in winters, and most of his soldiers died of hunger, thirst and diseases rather than from wars.

 Note: Ever since I have read the life story of the so called Alexander the Great “Mad” I have been restless for a couple of weeks and decided that a historical fiction should be written to counter that madness.

I entitled the fiction story “Pavlov Reaction Restrained“.

I keep considering alternative circumstances of how this mad and impossible incursion Into the Old World 400 years BC could have been stopped.

I think that writing a historical fiction novel about this period would do me good.

It should be historical because people are shying away from current news:

They don’t listen to news, they don’t read newspapers,

They have no ideas what is happening around them and yet,

They feel superior to all politicians and far more capable.

It has to be a fiction because the so called facts are bitter pills and not so reliable:

They are the facts of the victors and petty facts after all, beside the thousands killed in ruthless combats.

I need to know the ancient world;

I need to imagine that a few of its leaders and scholars could have foreseen how political systems and technologies would have developed.

How they would dare change the world according to their new visions.

How they could have been better equipped, spiritually and morally, in order to improve their world, people and environment, at their own snail pace.

The Persian king defeated Alexander but the latter persuaded the Persian king to pursue his dream of discovering India, China and going as far East as the earth can reach.

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