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Diary of the war in 2006 (continue)

Posted on: October 21, 2008

August 9, 2006


I had to wait till 9:45 p.m. to start my dairy because the public utility was cut off for the day: my room in the basement is still not connected to the private utility.  By the way, the private utility charged us $30 instead of $15 because the public utility was next to inexistent lately and for the lack of mazout.  Israel is unable to hold on any piece of land and Hezbollah killed and injured more than 20 Israeli soldiers and officers today and launched counter offensive attacks on the borders.  The fact that the deputy to the Israel General command was dispatched to the northern front to take command is clear indication to the serious disarray of the enemy forces. The US is blocking any cease fire resolution hoping for an Israeli victory that is not in the near foreseeable future.

Nasr Allah delivered a quiet, forceful and confident speech. He said that Israel is censuring news on where the missiles are landing and assured us that they are accurate and hitting military targets.  He sent an implicit message to the Lebanese government to hold firm on the 7-point consensus of the Lebanese leaders and not to waver under the US pressures. He reiterated that Israel may capture land but this is of no importance since they will have to retreat again and again; if the resistance forces in the front lines are still holding it is because of their own choice not to retreat an inch from the towns they are dug in.  Nasr Allah confirmed 100 Israeli officers and soldiers killed since the start of the hostilities, 400 injured and 60 tanks, bulldozers, and soldiers’ carriers destroyed. He urged the Arabs living in Haifa to evacuate this city in order not to restrain the targeting of their rockets.  Israel has already evacuated all its northern towns, including the large town of 60,000 citizens in Kiryat Shemouna.

It is truly an amazing war!  Every major State has asked for an immediate cease fire after the first week of the conflict, and still the UN is totally impotent because of the US veto power.  There is doubt in my mind that the US will eventually pay a heavy political price for ruffling the feathers of the major States.  The influence of the Jewish lobbies in the major States will be sharply clipped and the validity of their claims seriously reconsidered.

I finished reading “Season of Migration to the North” by the Sudanese writer Tayeb Salih and translated into English by Denys Johnson-Davis.  It is a small novel but powerful, intense, and griping. Diary

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