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Testimonials 30 years after a civil war: Status of Lebanese bordering Israel

Posted on: October 22, 2008

Testimonials 30 years after a civil war: Status of Lebanese bordering Israel

The issue of May 23, 2005

What about the conditions of the Lebanese citizens living in the region bordering Israel and those inhabiting Dahieh, a suburb of south Beirut, since the withdrawal of Israel in May 24, 2000?  What are their conditions after the withdrawal of the Syrian troops in April 2005? Immediately after Israel withdrew from south Lebanon, Mahdi climbed an electric post and hanged the flag of Hezbollah, along with the picture of a martyr from Hezbollah.  Hassan followed suit, climbed the next post, hanged the flag of “Amal” Party and the picture of another martyr from “Amal” of Nabih Berri.

Two years after Israel withdrawal from south Lebanon, almost every town and village in the South is showing its flag and Party affiliation, strong with dozens of martyrs’ pictures, banners, and huge pictures of religious and political figures.

People in towns living under Hezbollah control and administration have accommodated themselves to the rules, customs, and regulations of Shiaa Islamic codes of clothing and social activities.  No booze, betting, or even communal meeting places for wedding ceremony, or of mixed gathering between the sexes. Names on buildings, stores, and shops have changed to be replaced by religious connotations such as: Batul, Rida, Kaouthar, Israa, Ghadir and so forth.  Most of these places attach boxes soliciting money for Islamic charities.

The United Nations installed several UNDP centers to teach the youth the basics for dialog, through entertainment events, but Hezbollah prevented them and retracted by asking the UN employees to move these centers outside the villages.  A few municipalities around Bent Jbil decided to gather statistics on the inhabitants and their employments ,but were prohibited to resume their endeavors by Hezbollah on grounds of security reasons because such activities might allow the statistics agents to enter homes, meet with families and get an eye witness facts of inside the homes.  An investor established a center for wedding ceremonies and a restaurant, then Hezbollah bought him out.

Most of the youth are directly reliant on Hezbollah and “Amal” for jobs, health care, and monthly stipend.  In return they follow assignments for hanging flags, posters and organizing demonstrations.  Many former supporters of the splinter South Lebanese army, affiliated to Israel, who were collaborators to Israel have become supporters of Hezbollah and abide by their social rules in order to secure peace and safety.  In return, Hezbollah share the expertise and intelligence services of these former collaborators in their proper towns.

Any religious or political figure who demands the dismantling of Hezbollah heavy arms is branded a US spy and collaborator.

The social life of a southern village is a small replica of Dahieh, a suburb of Beirut. In this sprawling suburb of south Beirut citizens live under the total control of Hezbollah and this area acquired the coded name of “security blocks”, which expand from Haret Hrik to Bir Abed.  Buildings and streets are controlled by Hezbollah’s militants and all egress and entrance of the population to the area are monitored and investigated.

This zone is closed to the legitimate investigators from the Justice Ministry and administrative officers.  Any citizen who travels outside is asked to remit his passport after his return, and internet communications subscriptions are delayed until a full personal record is completed and checked for the person, his friends and connections. The inhabitants have taken to personally reporting their new acquisitions of cameras, telescopes, binoculars or anything that might be deemed a security concern.

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