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Testimonials of a civil war: ” Security-Political” factions?

Posted on: October 22, 2008

Testimonials of a civil war: ” Security-Political” ; civil war in Lebanon 1975-1991

The issue of daily Al Balad, April 28, 2005

An anonymous Lebanese man wrote a book of his recollections of the early Palestinian Resistance activities in Lebanon.  This resistance from Lebanon to Israel occupation of lands started in 1969 when this man was still in secondary school.  The book is titled:” Security-Political”.  The man was first contacted by the responsible of the “Fateh” student organization in his school.

The job was to get information, and better yet, to infiltrate an organization calling itself the “Arab Fedayyins” with headquarter close to where he lived in Mazraa Avenue in Beirut.  One of his school mates introduced him to the leader of this new organization by the name Ahmed Rifaat.

Ahmed asked him to collect contributions to the “Arab Fedayyins”organization. The Fateh student leader bought the entire contribution book for LL 100 (a large sum at the time) so that he could prove to Ahmed that he is a diligent member of the organization.

Then Ahmed disappeared to reemerge in 1980 as a security chief to Yasser Arafat. In the mean time, the anonymous author had discovered that Ahmed was, at a previous period, a lieutenant in the Palestinian Brigade located in Iraq and thus, was an Iraqi Baath party informer.

Another member of this non existent “Arab Fedayyins” was Abi Abdullah, who turned out to be a captain in the Palestinian Brigade located in Syria.

Thus, the Syrian regime sent a spy to infiltrate the Iraqi regime organization.  Later on, this Abi Abdullah was eliminated by the Fateh security forces or Unit 17 (as the Syrian regime tried to totally control Fateh), and the posters claimed that he died as a martyr for the Palestinian cause.

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