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An overview of Zionism and Christian-Jews mythology

Posted on: October 23, 2008


An overview of Zionism and Christian-Jews mythology (September 5, 2008) 

Zionism and Christian-Jews have founded a political ideology based on a religion that described bits of minor historical facts in order to camouflage major inherited myths and historical disinformation in order to create the image of “the chosen people”.

There are no evidences that the non-elite Jews were displaced to Babylon.  There are no archeological finds to prove that the Kingdoms of David and Salomon extended beyond Samaria, at best.  Most of the Jews, with the exception of those in Judea, adopted the religion of the region such as the Phoenician City-States and the Aramaic Kingdoms in the interior of Syria. There are no evidences that a mass transfer of Jews from Jerusalem was undertaken during the Roman Empire when Titus demolished their Temple; even the Jewish historian Josephus in the first century never mentioned deportation.  Moses could not have led any sizeable Jewish followers from Egypt out of fright to Palestine simply because this whole region was under Egyptian hegemony at the time.  The Egyptian clerics worshiping God Amon had regained their power after Akhenaton reign and the High Priest Moses might have to flee Egypt because he was a follower of the Akhenaton religion.  The early Zionists leaders, including Ben Gorion, admitted that the Jews are the ancestors of current day Palestinian peasants who converted to other religions. 

The Jews proselytized on an extensive scale after the expansion of the Christian message; they managed to have a sizable community in Yemen known as Himyar, in Northern Africa among the Berber and who joined the Arabs in invading Spain and were called Sephardim, around the Black Sea and Armenia and established the Khazar Empire around the 7th century.  The Moguls expansion displaced the Jews of the Khazar Empire toward Russia and Eastern Europe and then current Germany; the Yiddish culture is representative of the Ashkenazi Jews.   


There is another logical alternative story related to the Jewish religion for our modern days. There are many interesting manuscripts that relate modern Jewish development.  I learned that the Bolshevik revolution was financed by the wealthy Rothschild family and that 9 out of the 12 members of the politburo of Lenin were Jews and Lenin’s mother was Jewish.  The 32 out of the 34 members of Stalin politburo were Jews and Stalin was married to a Jewish woman at the time.  The Rothschild family fomented the French Revolution and forced the noble Maribeau to enter the Masonic organization for his rhetoric talent because he was heavily indebted and this secret organization convinced him to rally the Duke D’ Orleans to the secret organization.  These two powerful personalities didn’t know that the objective was to decapitate the King until it was too late.  The Masonic organization brought in Napoleon from poverty into power and encouraged his animosity with the Church of Rome until he discovered the schemes of the Masonic organization and said that the Jews are the lowest race that exists on earth but failed to control them appropriately. Then the Masonic organization turned against him when Napoleon re-linked with the clergies of the Catholic Church. 

It was the Rothschild family that fomented the American Revolution after they learned from Benjamin Franklin that the progress of the colonies was due to their right to issue their own paper money. Consequently, since the Rothschild family was controlling the Bank of England it then asked King George to restrict the issuing of paper money to the Bank of England.  This decree allowed the Rothschild family to restrict the issuing of needed money outlay and thus started the US revolution after business was cut to half and famine began to plague the colonies.  It was the same family that encouraged the civil war in the USA because it preferred two weak States instead of a dangerous mighty nation.  Then, when the scheme of splitting the USA into two States failed they insinuated themselves into the position of power in the USA and started controlling Bank of America and then the destiny of this nation.  Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln had warned the American administrations against permitting Jewish money to infiltrating and controlling their economy.

It is well established that the Masonic organization in Thessalonica in Greece fomented the revolt of the Turkish officers against the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid.  The US president Truman was a high ranking Masonic member and recognized the State of Israel and vehemently supported the Zionist movement.

The Masonic organization had strong hate for the Russian monarchy because it comprehended their schemes for fomenting troubles everywhere they acted; the Russian monarch Alexander had aided Lincoln with a Russian fleet which foiled the Rothschild plans for splitting the US Federal government into two nations.  There are new evidences that the Ashkenazi Jews are not Semitic because their origin is of Eastern Europe and from Central Asia when they established the Khazar Kingdom that lasted 500 years around the Caspian Sea.  The Mogul expansion displaced these non-semitic Jews to Eastern Europe until the emerging Russian Empire destroyed that kingdom and dispersed the Ashkenazi Jews into Central Europe around 1050.

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