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How can Lebanon have a running State?

Posted on: October 24, 2008

Note: This category is a repository of older articles but still ever fresh in Lebanon quagmire.  For current articles check the category Politics/finance Today.

How could we get out of this impasse and have a running State?  (March 13, 2005)

One of the international commitments in the Taef agreement was the retreat of the Israeli troops from Lebanon which did not happen until 9 years later at the hands of the Lebanese resistance forces and the unconditional support of all the Lebanese to the resistance efforts. The international community wants Syria to withdraw within weeks so that you may compare its relative commitments toward Lebanon and Israel.

            I believe that the meanings of freedom, self determination and independence for the people do not correlate well with the politicians and the international interests in Lebanon.  The Lebanese politicians have very practical meanings for these terms which are more freedom and better leverage to dip deeper into the public funds through give and take deals and keeping the status quo indefinitely.  If Lebanon failed to navigate its interests with just Syria, how Lebanon is to be capable of navigating among the interests of a multitude of States? 

Syria could have helped us fulfill the essential social and political articles in the Taef agreement, mainly secularizing the public jobs, decentralizing the government by providing greater leverage for the regions to spend their funds, shifting the executive power from the President to the government and the election of a Senate body for the various religious sects so that the chamber of representatives be freed from any sectarian quotas but Syria failed in its commitments too.  Now, who will ever find the leverage and good will to fulfill all the articles of our new Constitution agreed upon in Taef?

            Lebanon was failed by the international community to promote these necessary changes and was left a weak and divided. How Lebanon is to grapple alone with sticky issues that it cannot overcome by itself?  The international community did not attempt to pressure Syria in fulfilling the priority articles in the Taef agreement that could have provided peace, stability and a viable political system. 

Our political leaders are manipulating our people with slogans and are avoiding to raising the important issues of what constitute the necessary conditions and foundations for true freedom, self determination and independence in any modern nation.

Self determination for Lebanon!  What a big joke our dreams are playing on us. Lebanon never enjoyed self determination throughout its history and even less in its over 60 years of independence.  In our present geopolitical societies only six nations could secure self determination if they chose to:  mainly, the USA, China, India, Russia, Brazil and eventually the European Union after the vote on the complicated Constitution. 

An independent Lebanon! So what! Luxemburg is independent and so is over 160 countries and small islands many of which nobody heard of or can locate on a world map.  With a few caveats: Lebanon is one of the first independent States to participate fully in the establishment of the UN charter and the only one to kick Israel out of its borders without negotiations or a peace treaty.  

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