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Igino Giordani (biography)

Posted on: October 24, 2008

“Igino Giordani” by Jean-Marie Wallet and Tommaso Sorgi (August 5, 2008)


This book is a short history on the Focolari Catholic community through a biography of the activities of the co-founder Igino Giordani. Before 1947, Igino Giordani was already a renowned Catholic writer who published hundred of articles and pamphlets; he was a soldier during WWI, an anti-fascist in the Christian Democratic Party and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputy.

Giordani met Silvia Lubich in 1947 at the Italian Chamber of Deputy.  Igino was 54 years old and a father of four grown up kids; Silvia was 28 and had founded Focolari in 1943 after she decided that she should not be a nun or secluded in a convent or even married.  Lubich took the name of Chiara because she was attracted to the radical attitude of Claire of Assisi.  Chiara’s family home was destroyed by the American bombing of her home town Trente in 1944; her family moved out but she opted to stay with her community. This young community of females is formed to applying the words of Jesus such as when two or three individuals are united in Jesus’ name then He is among them; and transforming our own suffering into charity among neighbors.  Chiara had a period of visions in 1949 at Tonadico di Primiero which culminated into a meditation that became a charter for the Focolari.  Chiara wrote: “For me the suffering of those whom I approach, for me the suffering of what is not peace, happiness, ugliness and serenity because my paradise is in the heart of my spouse Jesus Christ.  I will seek the tears of those in tribulations through the communion of the all powerful Jesus.  I have to be like Jesus at the present moment throughout my life”

Giordani was a prolific writer in matter of Christianity, in ascetics, mysticism, dogmatic, morale but especially the apologetic aspect; he had found in Tertullien that Christianity was mainly struggle that John Chrysostome and Augustin of Hippone have worked out a way of life among the Christian societies where the laics and the married couples should live as monks; (that reminds me of the “Takfir fatwa” of the Moslem Sheikh Ibn Tamim when the Mogols were encircling Damascus in the 13th century; Ibn Tamim ordered al the Moslems to be knights during the day and monks at night fall).   Giordani discovered that the forefathers of the Church opted for a living Church where the workers, peasants and illiterates were associated in the community instead of being reduced to spiritual proletariats in modern time. 

When he listened to Chiara he said that the idea of God and the ideal image of God were replaced by the love of God, a living God. Chiara was not talking about God but communicated with God.  The Holy Ghost used to be a dogma that he never tried to comprehend but now the Holy Ghost impregnated his new life, became the warmth and fire and link between God and him.  Giordani changed his attitude and behavior from a scholar into practicing love every instant.

Igino fought in the Italian Parliament against allying Italy to the NATO during the “Cold War” period when the iron curtain of Stalin separated West and East.  Gioradani said that we are victims of a politic that is expressed by war which is worst than criminal because deicide since it kills one of the representation of God in man.  War bleeds the social organism everywhere.  In this war neither capitalism nor communism will vanquish; only cannibalism will win and the return of man of the jungle. If we want peace we have to work toward peace and not prepare for war because history has always been a teacher with no attending students.  When we are caught up with the fear of war then fear always leads to war. Igino forecasted that the regional European nations are tending toward a European inner-nation and Russia is also part of Europe and we have to accept each other for life to grow.

Igino is the member who, through his political and clerical contacts in the Vatican, allowed the Focolari to be accepted by the Church as an international institution instead of a local secular institution in the city of Trente.

Igino Giordani wrote an article on the “uselessness of war”.  War is wrapped in a sort of sacred cult demanding living sacrifices; thus when humanity would have progressed spiritually then war would be catalogued in the same rank as superstitions and witch hunting of the barbarous civilizations.  Only a few fouls demand wars, and the influential economical and financial conglomerates of the tiny minorities in any societies deliver senseless apologetics for starting wars because everyone desire to live in peace and live honorably and healthily. No State chief has ever claimed but noble reasons for waging wars and never for dominion because he knows that the citizens abhor war and its miseries. Joliot-Curie stated that the money spent on one day of war could have irrigated the whole of the Sahara desert. 

The first WWI was waged against nationalism and militarism and retaining economic markets and we obtained fascism and Nazism instead. Europe spent 1.2 trillion dollars and lost its primordial ranking in World politics and economy to the USA; Germany was so poor that war reparation was levied for the civilian casualties.  The second WWII was started to eradicate fascism and Nazism and we ended up with widespread communism and totalitarian regimes; this time around European Nations lost all their colonies.  The war cost 300 trillion dollars and the dead amounted to 32 millions among the soldiers, 25 million among the civilians, and 26 millions assassinated in concentration camps. The displaced persons were over 45 millions, the mutilated 30 millions and 30 million homes destroyed, and not counting the orphans and parents without offspring. The US population increased in the last 100 years 670% while its mentally sick persons increased 23,500% even though the USA did not experience direct invasions on its territory.  (These statistics reminds me of the calamities experienced by the Iraqi and Afghans civilians and the invading Americans soldiers).

The State that starts a war is the culprit regardless of the causes and all the excuses offered because it uses irrational means that de-humanizes man and disorganizes the social fabrics. 


Personal note: When you receive the grace then explanation stops.  Comprehending the scriptures with the power of the sole reason is tantamount of fundamental lie; whatever and however are good intentioned your interpretation the moral values you disseminate are fraught with suspicion. Most probably people will ultimately discover your lies through your behavior and activities that are not founded on true belief.

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