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A Phantom Cover-up

Posted on: October 25, 2008

A Phantom Cover-up (Sept. 10, 2002)

I am wide awake at three in the morning.

I switch on the TV and scroll the cable channels.

Nothing to sustain my attention and I’m back to bed.

My sleep is half cooked but my dream is vivid.


In the small town of San Jose I’m roaming the streets.

It is not flat San Jose, California, by any long shot.

Anywhere I go I have the distinct feeling

Of schools and institutions just for the handicapped,

The deformed, crippled and mentally retarded, mostly youngsters.


In the distance, on a dry and dreary hill, 

Looms a vast complex of hundreds of buildings,

A university of dark brown brick buildings.

An earthquake might have shattered it and a dozen of tornadoes.

      Hurricanes and a mega wave storm might have done the same on the sea shore.

      I fly toward this ghostly university-like town. 

I am not flying an airplane or in an airplane,

I didn’t grow wings or feathers: I could often fly awkwardly in my dreams.

I can feel so light and go far but for some heavy dreams weighing me down.


I figured that millions of rats might be crawling inside and

Millions of bats gliding or hanging in that dark desolate place.

I still could grab some courage flying overhead.

From my eagle view I could distinguish a few human creatures.

Humans there! The Horror! A couple of shot guns will do me good.


I am certain that by turning a corner a Woodstock repeat will come live, 

Though an unmusical festivity of homeless people, 

Drug addicts, drunks and cave people.

A well coordinated rendezvous might be taking place.

I must tap into the web

Nothing of the sort. 

A few drunks and addicts as everywhere but mostly serious people 

Going about their business.

Many are well dressed in suits and neckties in front of oversize computer monitors,

Large flat TV screens and huge blackboards 

In door less and well built modern caves.


I am eager to look over the place first and much eager for details later.

Here I enter a vast building with an expensive interior of marbled walls,

Pistachio of color and engraved with Arabic writings for names of companies.

I am about to ask an employee for the name of this town or university-like.

I ask him instead: “What happened here!? Did you experience an earthquake?”

A Phantom Cover-up  (Continue)

Nonplussed, he replied: “No, this is by design.

      The City planners contracted with a team of architects to have 

      An earthquake, tornado, hurricane devastation outside look”.

      They surely overdone it and created an End of Time masterpiece.

       I asked him: “There are many professionals working outside

       In designated studios, niches and corner of streets as if they are happy

       With what is allocated to them.”

       He said: “All it takes is for anyone to go to City Hall, fill a short application

       Pay a small fee for a place at specific zones.”


       I moved on to an exquisite modern baroque Mall. 

       Malls for the artists, in all kind of arts. 

       The first Mall was gray, for pottery, ceramic and clay products.

       Even the artists were decked in gray clay overcoats. 

       They drink, eat and chat in their gray clay overcoats. 

       The successive Malls have their own and unique one color interior.

       I could have stayed a life time but for now, I was late and confused for an exit.

       A smiling guide gave me instructions and off I took a lift to the roof.


       I need to backtrack a little.  Before I started on this journey

       I flew around University hill. 

       The gloomy complex was built on the very edges of stiff cliffs.  

       I could not see the bottom of the steep shadowy valley.

       The other side of the valley was surrounded by many Wuthering heights.

       There were no trees, green or brown, not even brushes.

       Crushed small rocks were piling on top of these barren hills.

       Halloween decors of sculls, carcasses and rock pumpkins stuffed with bones

       Were seen on the tops and flanks of these craggy dark brown hills.

       Natural disasters, weapons of mass destructions,

       Genocides, holocaust or all of the above?


       The City council and architects must have gone all the way in their madness.

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