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A Priest Amidst “Les Loubards”(Continue)

Posted on: October 25, 2008

A Priest Amidst “Les Loubards” (Continue 3, July 22, 2004)


A couple of guys volunteered to run the bakery for two weeks when the baker fell sick.


They organized a procession for Saint Christopher with the participation of villagers.

They cleaned up the statues of saints.

“Hand me that sweet girl to brush” or “That old man is not worth cleaning” or

“That guy with the brown long beard needs a good bath” 

Were some of the comments of the guys.

These vacations make them feel “all new inside”.

They can think inside an old tree trunk, away from the other dangerous type of people,

Away from the drinking pubs, from the police hassles, 

From the fearful look of people who view them as ferocious animals,

And mostly from their small apartments were half a dozen sleeps in a tiny room.


Paris does not celebrate many holidays but it should.

During one of the 4th of July France Independence Day, 

The priest and the gang shared in the celebration.

The gang spent up its energy and anger shouting, foul talking,

And moving from one party gathering to another.

The police of their locality were bemused:

Not a single emergency calls were received that night!


Finding jobs for these delinquents was a different matter.

They preferred jobs in the fresh air, with no tight schedule or routine procedures.

The courier jobs were best: 

Riding bicycles or motorcycles in crowded streets was exhilarating.

They don’t try to learn their work legal rights: they quit without asking for their pay.

However, they tend to take matter in their hands if they sense that they were abused. 

Once, a business man ran an ad: 

“Hiring guys with no less than one year term served in prison”.

Fifty guys showed up the next morning for curiosity sake

And have a good look at that man.

He indeed hired the first two persons who applied for the jobs.


The police force tried several time to discredit priest Gilbert by forging his signature

And dealing with a few members of the gangs to leave drugs under his bed.

He would not answer questions by the police that might indict the guys

Because he has immunity as a specialized educator and answers only to judges.

The police and the owners of pubs were in cohort 

To providing alcoholic drinks to minors:  

Delinquent indicators are needed and new recruits are in the pipeline.

In this case, peripheral casualties outnumber by far the targeted miscreants.

This is an important criterion for a job well done.

A job which require continuous funding: money thrown in a deep pit of sorrow.


A Priest Amidst “Les Loubards”(Continue 4, July 22, 2004)


Money is the solution that many people,

With good will to help, 

Can conceive to relax their conscious.

It is also money that attracts the delinquents into the life of thievery.

For the lack of love and interest in them 

Money can equalize their common similarity with the rest of society.


People ask priest Gilbert whether he is trying to integrate these delinquent.

Quote: “Integrate them in what, in this society of metro-con jobs-sleep pattern? 

Anyway, they wouldn’t want this kind of integration.

They prefer a marginal life but relatively free.

They have incomparable attitude of spontaneity and truth”.


Soliciting money for charitable endeavors should be attached 

To the willingness of the donors to contribute their time in the enterprise 

And get to understand and appreciate the magnitude of the problem.

Otherwise, they better avoid the misplaced sense of gratitude 

That they think they will receive in exchange; 

That gratitude is demeaning and rightly perceived as such.

Do not donate money right away to charity; try donating your time first.

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