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A Whiff of Eternity? (CONTINUE)

Posted on: October 25, 2008

A Whiff of Eternity?

I think that it would be advisable to scheme and prepare for the death

Of your loved one at the same instant and location as yours

So that the newer emotions are wholly shared.


An entity that is reunited with loved ones long gone.

Some of them speechlessly responding to the entity queries 

Of where to go next and what to do next,

A stranger to flying airplanes in a vast airport with multiple exits and entrances,

And some keeping quiet because the time is not come yet,

Because silence is gold in that critical instant.


An entity that has forgotten the senses of taste and odor:

Senses too linked to the basic animal instincts?

An entity that can understand without hearing

But could hear extremely uncomfortable buzzing sounds,

Excruciatingly painful and well remembered after re-embodiment,

Or, much preferably, exquisitely soothing music.


An entity composed basically of two parts;

The much larger rounder part is the first to exit from the head 

And the smaller part re-enter from the head first after the entity encounter a barrier:

Such as a door, a gray fog, a mass of water or a limiting frontier.


The re-embodiment is generally done after the coaxing prayers of loving relatives:

I assume that the prayers of nasty and hateful relatives have no special effects.


I do hypothesize that humanity has experienced many of these occurrences

Throughout its evolution, and because they were much readier than today

To accept these fantastic stories,

Religions flourished in every community.

A few religions are still truer to their origins

And are readier to accept these testimonies as real.


The Tibetans have “The Book of the Deads” that relate these experiences.

Their book contains more details than what is confided to Dr. Moody;

They describe the state of confusion and disorientation of the des-embodied entity,

Its resistance to accept what is happening 

And the feeling that it is keeping its own body for a while.

They also tell about reincarnations into other bodies after a long time spent as a spirit.

The Tibetans still perform complex rituals for their dead to prepare their souls

Into accepting the next phase without undue confusion and irritations.

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