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On One Universe and One God

Posted on: October 25, 2008

On One Universe and One God (2006)


Is the Universe finite?  Has Time a beginning? 


If you can accept the theory that a Big BANG created the Universe,

If you can attribute a time to the beginning of the Big Bang,

Then, why not consider that the Universe is limited?


If you can accept one Big Bang,

Then, why not more of these Bangs at various intervals before the original last one?


If one Big Bang created one Universe,

Why cannot you consider several already dead Universes?


If one Big Bang could happen,

Then, why not expect another One down the line?


If you can believe in One God,

Why your coreligionists splintered into a dozen of sects?

Why are they fighting more vigorously and barbarously among themselves

Than with the believers of religions who serve several Gods?


If you can accept a God with flesh and blood,

As happens in every generation in different countries

Then, why not negotiate with believers who can conceive of God another way?

Couldn’t you consider negotiating for more than one God? 


If God was created to spread fear in people,

Or to fool people into a cheap submission to the ruling destiny,

If even with one God control is getting out of hands,

Then, why not try Freedom from a God and Liberty to all?


If Democracy is the name of the game now,

Why not vote for religious beliefs,

To be explicitly represented officially,

In Congresses of believers,

Including the atheists?

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