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Prophesies of End of Time?

Posted on: October 25, 2008

Prophesies of End of Time?  (November 15, 2004)  


I just finished reading Paco Rabanne’s “La fin des temps d’une ere a l’autre…”

It happened that last week I read a French book on Alexander the Great mad.

It was one of the three books that I’m used to read simultaneously each week.

Oddly enough, I am starting to write on three topics simultaneously too.

The coincidence is that the two books have similarities to prophesy. 

They warn of the consequences of the coming changing of Earth axe of rotation.

The angle of rotation of the axis occurs every twelve thousands of years.

Alexander was practically brainwashed from childhood into believing

That he was the divine king that the ancient world was expecting his coming.

He certainly believed the prophesies on and off throughout his short life,

Depending on his moods and successes,

To be reminded, occasionally, by his drunken officers, 

While being himself wrathfully drunk, that he is human alright and indeed a bastard.

These prophesies emboldened his divine angers to permanent conquests, 

Devastation of civilizations, slaughters, eradication of whole cities, stones and people, Building dozens of new cities bearing names,

Starting invariably with Alexander or a slight variation to his glorious name.

By the way, Paco is actually the world famous cloth designer.

He has supernatural gifts.

At seven, he dreamed that he reached the seventh vibratory plane, 

While the current civilization is aching, under the various present turmoil, 

Trying to experience The Fourth Vibratory Plane.

Few will observe the end of this ugly Fish period. 

Or the start of the new period of the Versau.

The Bushes Administrations are also under this spell:

They can send any people to any plane of vibration they desire.

Their previous administrations did mindlessly deliver

What is required to recapture the lower planes of vibration we wished to forget.

As for the prophesies that ask them to care, to be compassionate, to cooperate

In order to let Nature rejuvenate its air, water, soil and forests for the next generations

It seems that no vibratory plane can induce in them comprehension and consciousness.

Paco recapitulates a wide and extensive gamut of prophesies, some with minor effects

And most of them with major upheaval and desolation.

Prophesies from ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient Assyria,  Nordic prophesies, Ancient Hebrew books, ancient Buddhist books, 

Hindu books of the Vishnu Purana, the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch, 

The Apocalypse of St. John, the Koran, Hermes Trismegist, Nostradamus, and

The visions of a dozen of bishops and minor saints. 

The Virgin Mary has too been frenetic in the last hundred of years:

She has been appearing frequently in many odd places 

Urging moderation, compassion and serious praying habits.


Prophesies of End of Time?  (Continue 2, November 15, 2004)  


One of the humbling prophesies is scaring the hell out of the Occident:

Apparently, millions of Moslems and Slovaks will invade the West,

Take over all of Europe before the USA intervenes to redress the balance of forces.

Hell!  The impacts of four commercial airplanes reverberated 

In the immediate destruction of two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, 

Not to mention sanctions by the UN of many other countries.

The killing of nine French soldiers has resulted in emptying the Cote d’Ivoire

Of any resident with a skin the shade of white.

Paco’s prophesies could as well occur after the change of earth axis of rotation. 

This current Earth will undergo perturbations 

Resulting in the extermination of the third of its inhabitants.

Paco did not fail to remind us, more than once, that St. John prophesied 

That only 144 thousands will survive the Apocalypse.    

The Jehovah Witness adherents strictly believe in the Apocalypse of St. John and more.

They are zealously worshiping a God who will remember them during the cataclysm. 

They fail to recognize the horrors awaiting these miserable chosen.

They will be roaming the tips of mountains, their only refuge,

Embracing from their eagle vantage points a desolate and morn Earth, 

They will be Killing one another to eat for lack of any edible produce.

Certainly that they missed that survival part, otherwise they would quit in haste.


Paco expands on the lost civilization of Atlantis as mentioned in Plato.

He argues that Atlantis was located about the Bermuda Triangle.

He is adamant that copies of its advanced sciences were stored in Egypt,

Most convincingly inside the Sphinx,

Since a vision appeared to him and showed him the exact location of the scrolls, 

While he was standing on the left foot of this majestic Sphinx on a glorious night in 1967.

Last week, a discoverer located Atlantis about Cyprus and Syria.

I like to claim that there was two or more Atlantis because there could be no advanced Civilization without some kind of competition and commerce among people.

Otherwise, the society in Atlantis was not that advanced by a long shot.

Paco did a good job in convincing me that we are nearing a mighty convulsion.

The delivery of two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the invention

Of the hydrogen bombs, both of them under the control of the cruel and greedy humans, Clenched for me the horror deal.  

The catastrophe was that certain long before the heating of the atmosphere,

The hole in the Ozone layer, the deterioration of the quality of the environment,

The pollution of water supplies, the deforestation of the tropical forests, the dramatic Increase in number and intensity of tidal waves, heat waves, ray waves, hurricanes, Cyclones, the overpopulation of the poor, the wretched, and not last the meddling in the genes of food supply. Yes Mr. Rabanne, you see me cowered in my hole of a room, 

Long before I read your book.

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