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Two Nights Out in a Row (continue)

Posted on: October 25, 2008

Two Nights Out in a Row (continue 5)



I composed my experiences the day after

And handed each group of students a copy of their corresponding night out.

The Friday gang edited their copy, especially for the technical names on the menu.

Raja, of the Saturday gang, was apprehensive for my explicit mention 

Of how he robbed Zena from her girlfriend.

He was especially frustrated by my stating that the dinner was light.

So, he insisted on inviting me for a lunch of fish in Jbeil, which I declined.

I told him that I specifically mentioned that dinner was light 

Because I knew he was from Baalbek,

A region in Lebanon known for its tradition of welcoming their guests

With plenty of food on the table.

He also wrote that the intention was obviously to get a good grade.

But he wishes that his future children will feel as comfortable with him out

As he felt with me (Should I be mildly honored?). 

He insisted that the group did not feel that there was a stranger among them

And they did not fake their attitudes and were normal in their discussions.

Raja enclosed six pictures of me in different dancing positions.

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