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Verbal intelligence?

Posted on: October 26, 2008

I don’t like talking on the phone or in any instant audio-visual medium: I lack verbal intelligence. I feel that my verbal memory is too slow to communicate any sense in a timely fashion.  My sort of communication is to listen and query what the other person is saying. 

In a gathering, I look stupid, redundant, and give the impression that I am ignorant of the subject matter (if any):  Actually, I never learned to experiment  with the fundamentals of chatting and delivering small talks or maligning others or memorizing and delivering jokes. I know by experience that, when sometime I am dragged into heated conversation, I make a complete fool of myself and never finish sentences and alienate everyone in the audience.

I don’t carry a cellular phone because I have no business to promote.  I used cellular phones two decades ago before it was that popular and “indispensable” and I know how wretched your life can then be reduced.

There are millions of cellular suckers who use their new gadgets just for answering calls, thinking that they are lording it over the callers by answering calls; worst, they think that they are saving money by not taking the initiatives of calling after all the initial and monthly expenses.

I realize that cellular phones are mainly used to warn people of their imminent arrival to a meeting so that they don’t have any excuse to vacate the place before your majestic arrival; or to take the most current coodinates of your location since you have not been in touch for many years.

This short post is to tell my reader that I much prefer to communicate in writing so that I can take time to formulate my ideas and deliver emotions and feeling without the need for any one to look at my face and express signs of horror.  Yes, there is something called verbal intelligence and you find these geniuses among politicians, CEO, and crooked preachers.

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