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An Undertone of Joy and Fear (1999) 

1.   Our last dreams with the living

Are the exact replicas of our first dreams.

That’s how it should be

In the symphony of life.


2.   Our last dreams are edited out

Of people, trees and actions.

We don’t fall, fly, walk or run.

They are perpetual waves of motion

In a kaleidoscope of light and colors.

An undertone of joy and fear.


3.   Our first dreams are the same as the last ones.

In black and white.


Eternal Spirit (1999)

1.   Poets, philosophers and prophets

Have been telling us about a common spirit to all mankind,

Eternal through the ages.


2.   I like to be clearer.

A common conscious and eternal for all,

Regardless of cultures, races and climates.

We feel what is right and what is wrong.

We don’t need Books of wisdoms to tell us that.

We don’t need Law and Justice

To remind us of what we feel.

We don’t need Religions

To put it down on paper,

To preach it and send missionaries.


3.   We all have common conscious

Of what feels right and what feels bad and awful.

Law and Order won’t replace

Our conscious or improve on it.


4.   I can only change the world

When I care to change myself.

Decisions and ideas for change

Go hand in hand with changing ourselves.

Which is first?  Who cares!

Passing the Baton (1999)

1.   Lately, soon as I regain consciousness

From a deep and long night sleep,

News are kicked in my brain

Faster than light.

Someone deep in me

Tells me that I was granted another day,

That I am allowed to live for now;

At least one more day.

That I still have choices for this day.


I was passed the baton

In this game of life

To do what I please to do.

To hurry up before the traffic congest,

Or to sun tan leisurely on my deck

Reading a book, smoking a cigarette,

Drinking coffee, and maybe

Treating myself to a forgotten breakfast.


2.   I don’t remember that such news

Were ever brought to me in my youth.

Life eternal was taken for granted.

So powerful and overwhelming was

The spirit of living,

That it blocked any messenger of doom

On its track.


3.   Lately, I’ve been passed the baton

For the living, one day at a time.

And every day, I’ve been revolting.

Slowly, as the day progresses

I’ve been taking care of business.

Clients full of hope and energy

Calling on a hapless agent

For emergencies and reminding me

Of the essence of time.


4.   I’ve been passing the baton

To my clients too.

Happy clients or maybe

Not so satisfied.

A Steady Dream (1999)

1.   I need a dream, a steady dream.

A dream that doesn’t change with age,

A dream that doesn’t grow when I’m short on money,

That doesn’t shrink when I’m rich.


2.   I need a dream that doesn’t die when a dear friend pass away,

That doesn’t start all over when I see a newborn open his eyes.

I need a dream steady

While I am not brain dead.


3.   I need a dream that I can act on:

Lest it is forgotten.

A dream to act on everyday,

Even when I’m drunk with sleep.

Lest it is replaced

By a faked dream.

You Have a choice (1999)

Do I?  Do I have a choice?

If you want to end your life,

You better have a winner attitude to succeed.

Which you lack in the first place.

If you fail, you better know your choices.

Which you don’t.

Locked in a sanatorium for life.

At our expenses.

It is a Fact (1999)

The sun was peeking into my new Morning.

My consciousness barely awakened,

In a twilight drowsiness.


Out of nowhere,

A huge banner flashed in my mind,

It said “you shall die”.

My mind was blank before I read it,

It was blank for a long moment afterward.

My semi waking conscious scrambled

Into filling in real and imaginary activities,

Of what I am to do today.

Appointments that I am to tend to, today.


The concept that all of us shall die,

Was clear to me.  A Fact to others,

Still a Fact to me,

In the distant future,

Rushing wildly now

To tell me that it is a Fact.

I Do Stuff (1999)

1.  Too much steam in my brain.

Cooling system alarm is off.

Fifty years of emotions and ideas

Bottled up and swarming in a tiny skull.


2.   I thought that I knew nothing

Until put on paper.

Just making hard copies is,

By now, a full-time job.


3.   I am convinced that I know nothing.

This time based on reactions.

I like this poem, that one is thought provoking.

I got your message on that one.

I disagree with you on this particular piece.

Not bad.  Did not think that you can write.

Interesting, you are good with words.


4.   Do you read poems?

Sure.  Why?  Do you do stuff?

I have two dozens of them.

Great!  Fax me just a couple.




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