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Who is whispering in our ears?

Posted on: November 1, 2008

Who is whispering in our ears?  Good Cops and Bad Cops! (November 1, 2008)


Who is whispering in our ears?  Is he a representative of the Devil or God’s?  I guess that the processes of reaching faith are the clues on whose side is the whisperer. What I know is that the Devil represents the status quo, the current paradigms, and the normalcy of living; God’s must represent the rare events that eventually catch up with humanity if it stagnates and refuses to consider seriously all the alternatives, especially the rare and unappetizing occurrences. Stagnation in the mind that is recompensed for normal behavior is the cause of fuzzy differentiation between wrong and good moral values.

All systems and orders are based on the dichotomy of Good cops and Bad cops.  The main trouble is that Good cops are rarely visible or heard from in public.  The whole scene is predominated by an amalgam of Bad cops whose job is to keep people in line with the established system of governance, rules of behaviors, and a set of well instituted paradigms.

I you think that only the Devil or God is running the whispering in your life then most probably you are wrong. God and the Devil switch roles throughout your life, whispering all kinds of directives.  God must be encouraging you to think for yourself, to work your brain hard, and to expand your fields of knowledge.  God must be the one pressuring you to reach a set of Truths of your own.  The Devil is constantly offering all kinds of incentives to stay in order and give up the fight for your own soul.  Or it may be the way around but for the moment I take stand to my view.

In Japan the President of the company (not necessarily the owner) should be considered as God; as such he should be handsome, tall, and soft spoken; no one except the Vice-President is permitted to visit him or a cadre that the President summons to see.  The job of the Vice-President is principally to play Bad Cop; as such he should look ugly, an ogre, and should be trained to curse and his powerful voice should transmit far away; basically, the Vice-President is to keep all cadres to their proper place in the hierarchy and remind them that no one is above the written and unwritten rules of conduct.  There may be a few variants in the running of multinationals of other countries but the fundamental principle is the same and it is up to individual employee to discover the basic jobs of each cadre in the hierarchy.


No, it is not ignorance that is the root of all evils; it is the conviction that ignorance is bliss.

No, it is not knowledge that is the way to clemency, compassion, cooperation and communication among people and races; it is not even the thorough specialization in one field of knowledge; it is our continual zest for broadening our fields of knowledge, knowing that rational mind has limits into discovering the mysteries of life and the universe, but feeling deep down that continuing knowledge is the key to openness of the mind.

No, it is not the belief that only faith is the way to salvation; it is the openness and readiness of the mind and soul to accepting rare happenings as real, as part of the valid signs to the mysteries of life and the universe.

The only purpose of our constant striving in life is to receive the “grace”, the ultimate gift, which would enhance the cycle of returning to our child state of wonder, amazement and glory.

            Seeing the world and people in a child’s clear eyes and fresh mind is the ultimate in happiness and joy.

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