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Open Letter to President Obama (part 1)

Posted on: November 6, 2008

Open Letter to President Obama (part 1, November 6, 2008)


Mr. President, congratulation.  Welcome the USA to the era of communication, cooperation and diplomacy with the UN and the other nations.  Welcome back the USA to the rank of human rights, human dignity, rights to be safe and healthy, rights for education and Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Environment and Fair Wage Acts!  Welcome to an era for the rights of the African Continent to potable water, sane food, and inoculation from common diseases and its regain of original dignity.


Mr. President, I am apprehensive.  If you don’t move vigorously the next 4 months to institute the general health coverage, that many poorer Nations have running for decades now, then the tentacles of the moribund multinational pharmaceutical and insurance companies would regain enough power to block your promises. Mr. President, you should know that those malefic financial mafias might lay low for a time to ride off the anger of the US people. Please no need to cohabitate with them and permit them to sneak in through laws riddled with loopholes as large as elephants.


Mr. President, I am apprehensive.  Counselors of high moral standing are the best values that a President can be surrounded with.  If any member of your inner circle steps out of the program that the citizens voted you in then you should not hesitate to fire him in the coming 4 months.  Wasting your valued time on inner politics within your circle of friends and counselors is the death of your genuine program.


Mr. President, I am apprehensive.  The function of your inner circle is not to substitute the responsibility and professionalism of the other ministries and departments. Your inner circle is supposed to be the “NO, Mr. President!” if your decisions do not match your voters who have elected for drastic changes and not temporary compromises with those malignant lobbies of special interest groups who are the nemesis of the little people and who are at the root of most of the injustices in the last decade.


Mr. President, I am apprehensive.  Getting out of this worldwide financial crisis is not through the reshuffling of financial gimmicks that are fundamentally embezzlement schemes. Nations add value when the family business is in enterprises that they know about, within a community that it lives in, and business laws that it is familiar with.  The main purpose of multinationals is to concentrate power in the rare few. Please, Mr. President, do not transfer your powers and the power of the people to them!


Mr. President, I am apprehensive.  The main cause to the magnitude of the “collateral damages” in injuries, deaths, famine and civil wars is this lazy seated administrator who relies on cold inner reports.  Your Administration is to get to the field and study closely the problems and converse with the citizens in and out and trust the opinions of the concerned people: they do know much more than the paper shuffling bureaucrat.            

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