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Are you a middle aged person, give or take 20 years? (November 11, 2008)


Are you feeling the discomfort of middle age crisis?  For example, are you suffering from chronic stomach aches, shortness of breath, and apathy when waking up? Then it is time to abolish those nerve wracking functions; re-direct your energy on the physical and mental activities; time to figure out your own set of wisdoms; time for introspection, knowing your self and working on your potentials. A few hints though:


Follow the personal dream that does not consume nerves. Show your passion in pursuing that healthy dream.  Since controlling passions is the most demanding on nerves then just focus on your favorite dream: it is as good as any.


You know that you are on a survival path when you realize that no affections are shared by your closest friends. You might as well start taking initiatives toward them and expressing your affections.


Take the initiatives to experience liberty in re-shuffling your daily schedules, to experiment with nature and observe people. Befriend the environment and be amazed with you new pair of eyes and ears.


Short of a surgical lobotomy to forgetting your long past frustrations then I incite you on recalling and noting down the happy moments in your life.  Do not hesitate to repeat your happy stories.  There is power in writing; try expressing your feelings haphazardly then your mind will re-structure them whether you want it or not.  I know in my case that recalling the happy moments is the hardest task of all.  If you used to have a positive outlook on life and enjoyed a versatile memory then you are a very lucky person.


It is time for a long break of silence, meditation and introspection; a pen and papers might become your intimate companions to converse.


Break out of the surrounding rhythms of life; discover your own rhythm and enjoy your trip at your pace.


If you have not been pressured to follow a certain path or profession then your new task is to discover your forgotten path.


If you believe that you have committed enough errors so far then expect more of them in your new life style since your intention is to move forward; isn’t it your intention?


Your good deeds are not to be kept secret anymore; you need to retrain your insecure conscious and be proud of your changes and allow the circuit of feedback to function.


Take conscious of your automatic reflexes such as the batting of your eyelashes, your respiration, and your heartbeat.  This technique relaxes the nerves gone wild and erratic.


Men and women wants you to listen; hold on your remedies until specifically requested and keep holding on them even then.


If you think that your purpose on earth is to offer a better tool then you are in the wrong planet.  I think your purpose is to become a better person; let people decide on your achievements.


Note:  I lavishly extracted ideas from “Maktub” by Paulo Coelho; what I wrote are my feelings and the processes that I am going through.  Thus, this not a book review but I encourage you to read “Maktub”.




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