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Juntas of theocratic castes

Posted on: November 16, 2008

Juntas of theocratic castes: the under-developed States (November 15, 2008)


There is this general tendency of categorizing the under-developed States on the basis of their economical production of GNP or other criteria related to the economy such as infra-structure, mechanization, availability financial sources, mobility in transportation and others.  These kinds of categorizations are based on consequences and thus obliterate the need to investigate the sources of this under-developed condition.

I am inclined to believe that under-development is fundamentally a socio-political structure.  All the under-developed States adopt to certain extent “junta of theocratic caste” systems in governing and running their States.  I insist on the term theocratic because whatever predominant religions they claim to legally recognize these religions are at best skin deep.  The true religions and sects in under-developed States are variations on “paganism” (I am not offering a bad connotation for the term pagan but a description for the fundamental differences with the religious monotheist system in developed States, including atheism as a right).  Thus, the various tribes are attached to ancestral system of beliefs that are not officially or publicly stated.  These tribes or castes are closed autonomous communities that tend to regard the other tribes as enemies to the survival of their autonomies. The frequent occurrences of genocides in Africa or in Central Europe are fundamentally based on deep rooted theocratic caste systems.  Governments in under-developed States are formed of select castes and the rebellions, revolutions and genocides are outlets to re-shape the institutions according to the victors and governing under a different set of theocratic castes.

The State of Lebanon has undergone several civil wars because its 19 recognized theocratic castes refused to change to a modern structure for governing the State.  Most of the under-developed States that are not predominantly dominated by one recognized religion or sect will be facing recurring civil disturbances and thus lost opportunities for economical stability and development regardless of the magnitude of foreign infusions of money.

Late Mai Ghoussoub mentioned the case of Ngoyambi, a 17-year old of the Hutu tribe in Rwanda, who is facing trial for mass genocide against the Tutsi tribe. Ngoyambi has no remorse and claimed that he won’t be afraid “if the judge is from the Hutu tribe because then he would not be wrongly found guilty”

Before the colonial mandates in Africa or the Soviet hegemony in Eastern and Central Europe there was many skirmishes among the “tribes” but they were governed by social rules and very localized and of countable casualties.  Nowadays, these frequent skirmishes have acquired large scale magnitude in horrors and efficiency because of the despotism of theocratic juntas of castes after the “independence” of these States and the availability of efficient killing equipments sold by arm merchant connections that are themselves subsidized and managed by the superpower central States.

            The liberal press and TV networks, in the Western “civilization”, loath to pinpoint the causes of these genocides; they claim that they don’t comprehend how human kind can reach such a low level of behavior.  What don’t you understand?!

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