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Sabbaticals for thinking

Posted on: November 16, 2008

Sabbaticals for thinking and disseminating thoughts (November 16, 2008)


There is this system among universities to offer sabbaticals (a paid period of one year after seven years of work) for the tenured teachers and professors.  Most of the intellectuals spend the year teaching in other universities abroad in order to save more money, which should not be the purpose for taking sabbaticals.  I am not acquainted with the various conditions for sabbaticals but I would suggest to rich States to allocate funds for those intellectuals to focus the sabbatical year on studying and reading in other fields of their specialties, and most importantly, to disseminate their thoughts in writing or audio-visual mediums.  It would be of more interest to humanity if the researches in the sabbatical years are oriented toward human rights, the frequency of genocides, the environment and those fields that need closer attention for our survival in this century and the next.

I would suggest that instead of waiting seven years to offering a sabbatical that intellectuals be permitted the alternative of taking a semester off after two or three years of work for the following reasons. First, a whole year out of teaching might be counter productive for the teacher when he returns to his job emotionally and practically. Second, spending a whole year on subjects not connected to the specialty might not encourage much focus or sustain enthusiasm.  Third, the world is changing so fast and the moral values degrading so sharply that more minds should be involved in thinking out our difficulties at any period of time.  I also hope that the system of sabbatical be generalized to all kinds of professions.

            I believe that any one who re-publishes excerpts of manuscripts that contributed to changing emotional behavior of the reader and felt the need to disseminate the corresponding idea then he should be considered a co-author with rights.  It is our responsibility to read and disseminate what contribute to our survival and elevate the quality of our moral values.  The key work is to “disseminate” the need to think, think, and reflect as individuals away from the prevailing paradigms.

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