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Outlandish expectations on Obama: ignorance or midget impetus to press on for reforms? (November 18, 2008)


Beside instituting general health coverage and minding the recession inside the USA, President Obama and his team need to take their time to analyze the devastating policies of the eight-year tenure of George W. Bush. The pre-emptive wars around the globe have left a bitter taste that only consistent, long term policies of equitability and fairness can make a dent in toning down the suspicions that the World Communities have on the intentions of the successive US Administrations. 

How can we interpret President Obama stand for the rights of the American people to carry fire arms?  Does that mean that the US is not yet a safe place to live in?  Does that mean that the US common people are not educated and cultured enough for clemency and have no tendency to abiding by the legal system?

How can we interpret President Obama concurring to the same financial strategy as the Bush Administration?  Are Wall Street practices just a fluke of a market gone wild that was expected every 30 years?  Why the hurry in pouring billions from the tax payers’ money before taking into account the recommendations of the other rich States? 

Violence is said to be the last refuge of incompetence, but if it was always the first choice then how incompetent was the Bush Administration?  May be incompetence is not the correct term; let us say it bluntly: it was pure racist and bigot inclinations and the US citizens let it pass for so long.  An apology is required by Obama to the World Community for the decisions and actions perpetrated by Bush that ruined the character of the US citizens for seven years.  If violence benefits the “terrorists” then what quality of terrorism can be generated if a superpower selects violence as first choice in dealing with under-developed States?

If President Obama believes that the miseries suffered by millions of people would be forgotten just because he was voted in, then he is overextending the magnitude of his charisma.

Gandhi said it best “Whatever good violence might offer it is at best transitory while the hate generated is permanent”. Toppling the regime of  Saddam Hussein by an all out war of invasion and destruction that left more than a million casualties is not good enough an achievement; the Iraqis cannot help but resent the inefficiency and brutal ignorant behavior of the military on the field and the successive more than ignorant administrators. The Iraqis would retain a long term hatred and antagonism for the USA. 

Over sixty years of total one-sided support for Israel’s pre-emptive wars and encouraging Israel’s apartheid system will not be forgotten even if a separate Palestinian State is finally installed and recognized by the UN.  The establishment of Israel that was forced on the Palestinians would not be forgotten by good intentions or one shot good gesture.  Millions of Palestinians have been living in refugee’s camps since 1948; the UN resolution 193 for their right of return has not be activated and even forgotten by the World Community.

Humiliating thousands of resident Arabs and Moslems in the US and reducing them in home confinement as terrorist potential suspects for over 7 years is not going to be erased from the psychic of these residents just because Obama wants to withdraw the troops from Iraq quicker than Bush.

There are hot spots of crisis in foreign lands.  President Obama would do the right thing by quickly sending special envoys to every hot spot. The envoys should stay there for the duration of the crisis; they should communicate with all parties on the field and exert initiatives whenever a climate of convergence is feasible.  Under-developed States are unable to deliver on super imposed ideal wishes that suit the interests of the rich States.

I recall a statement by Jean Rostand “Science created Gods in us before we merited the status of human” It is terrible that politics and mismanagement are exacerbating this gap!




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