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Wild Goose Chase (continue 5)

Posted on: November 19, 2008

The Defeat


The whole strategy of Artax was almost going down the drain if the fresh troops were not far away to witness the massacre. The stories of the few escapees were in hyperbolic terms and the intelligence officers suspected that the escapees didn’t even participate in battle. Artax was in no mood of gathering his staff; he could hear the screams in the silence of his generals; he could hear them saying in their mind “Foul, foul of a Monarch.  Your new war techniques are not worth a dime.  You are sending our best soldiers as sitting ducks in slaughterhouse battle fields”

Artax came to the realization that this initial failure was a psychological error.  The main army could barely see the encampments of their cavalries and felt totally isolated in front of an outnumbered battle trained enemy and morale must have sunk to its lowest level; the worst case scenario for engaging battles.  Consequently, Artax decided that the next formation would relocate the cavalries at closer distances of the main army and the number would be increase to double the previous effective. Yes, Artax would experiment with his technique no matter the cost and would prove his generals wrong in their expectations!

Alexander analyzed the tactics of his unorthodox enemy and did not like it.  Alex had to think harder and learn the mind of his enemy before engaging any further battles. Thus, Alex would have to control his impatient temperament and play reverse psychology.  The Macedonian Two-Horned King ordered a relaxed and organized retreat.

The next day Artax could not locate the army of Alex and got very confused and scared.  Certainly a few of his officers are traitors and leaking intelligence and he had first to dislodge the cowards and then re-examine his plans. 

After three days of hide and seek the two armies decided on a battle field for serious confrontation this time around.   Artax the Persian had changed his “imaginative tactics” and settled for the traditional frontal assault with enough troops to overwhelm his enemy.  Artax was sure of his victory but wanted badly to take Alex the Macedonian prisoner and alive;  for that objective he ordered his soldiers not to achieve any fallen enemy soldiers. This order was difficult to carry on in the heat of battle and could undermine the morale of his troops but Artax believed completely on his wining star and that his wishes are ordered by the Gods.

The Persian generals were over pleased that the Monarch re-adjusted to their traditional concept of war strategy; they strutted all night long in front of their troops and solemnly giving oath of Divine victory.  By dawn and facing the barbaric enemy the Generals, Princes, Governors of two dozens of provinces and countries had mixed feelings. This was the definitive moment to win or die; it would be more honorable to die in battle than facing the executioners.  The battle raged for two days and two nights. There were many crucial incursions by the Macedonians and the Persian Princes, governors, and generals lead their regiments, battalions, clans and tribes into the foray; many died trampled: they were so out of shape.  Alexander was made prisoner, though believed to be mortally wounded

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