Adonis Diaries

Wild Goose Chase (fiction, continue 11)

Posted on: November 21, 2008

Artax’ secret project taking flesh


            The whole Persian Empire, from the confines of Africa to Afghanistan and Kazakhstan got words of a most serious and grandiose project perpetrated in the Capital.  The whole preparation was conducted in absolute secrecy!   The Imperial palanquins were being refurbished, the Imperial tents were dusted off and repainted and the Imperial guards re-clothed and re-armed.  The whole Persian Capital was feverish and excited with the grand scale remodeling and re-painting of monuments and carriages.

            These preparations were undertaken six months after Alex’ reversal to Babylonian beer and one year after Alex near death imprisonment.  During the last four months Artax and Alex had frequent meetings under the patronage of Scheherazade as a cover up gimmick since pleasure associations were excluded from formal requisites.  Alex was to subscribe to Artax secret project of moving forward eastward to the most exotic lands. Most importantly, Artax assimilated the goals and urges of the hot headed Alexander. Instead of resuming his plan to launch a counter offensive on Greece he decided to explore the confines of his Empire that his predecessors declined to do.

Alex was to lead the whole caravan with a regiment of one thousand men of war and Artax was to lead the slow moving and substantial reserve.  Cyrus “Alexander” was to lead the fresh three divisions at a day distance from the leading regiment of Alex.  Alex had thus earned the honor of discovering first hand the magic, the beautiful, the amazing, the scariest and the deadliest of surprises.  Alex had reservations as to the loyalty of Cyrus when the tough gets going and the God Incarnate revised his orders:  when in war, Alex will lead the three divisions and Cyrus “Alexander” would be the Chief military counselor to the God Incarnate, if and when rescue missions and support are needed.

            In the meantime, a second higher education center for research was to be established in Asfahan City; this center would be at the cross roads of the famous learning centers in Afghanistan, India, and Central Asia Estates.  Alex had the authority to hire the most learned scientists and philosophers in Greece, Albania, and Romania. Basically, Alex relied on Athens and its environs for his vast recruiting endeavors. On purpose Alex reduced to the bare minimum messengers to Macedonia:  Alex didn’t miss his mothers or her frequent letters of lamentations and remonstrance. Olympia was devastated and highly frustrated that her beloved Alexander put a brake on his beliefs on a Divine Star leading his steps. 

            Alex expressed a desire to visit the World City of Babylon, the most famous City in the Old World for three millennia.  Alex has heard of the suspended gardens wonder and the gigantesque Victor Arch and the fortified inner City of Nabukodnosor, one of the late founders of the Babylonian Empire before Persia entered the City.  The Son God Incarnate gave in to the puppet eyes of Alex on condition that his visit is a private matter and not as a guest of the Persian Monarch.  Thus, Alex will live in moderate size palaces and traveling in ordinary attires.

Alex was overjoyed and Babylon exceeded all his expectations in grandeur, richness and variety of nationals and languages.  Almost all caravans wanted to schedule a stop in Babylon and do profitable commerce.  Babylon was the nerve center for gathering intelligence and negotiating deals (political as well as business) and enjoying a most liberal climate and fun exotic places for late night orgies.  Alex forgot his stature and re-converted to an adolescent seeking freedom of attachments and responsibilities.  Within three days and nights Alex was sick and feverish; he kept pleading to be buried in Babylon.   The Imperial guards were ordered to dispatch Alex in shackles.  The return to Persepolis was most humiliating and degrading to a sobered proud soul.  Alex was confined into a much smaller apartment and put on diet of goat milk, yogurt and fruits. It was a hellish life without booz and beautiful girls, especially the abstinence of alcoholic beverages. 

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