Adonis Diaries

Wild Goose Chase into the Old World (fiction, continue 13)

Posted on: November 21, 2008

Cyrus “Iskandar” shining star


            Three weeks later, Artax sent an Imperial messenger to Cyrus “Alexander” ordering him to resume the project.  Cyrus was to lead “The Adventure Caravan” and Seleucus, the right hand of the late H-2 Alexander was to lead the advance guard regiment.  Cyrus had the honor of selecting two of the Imperial guards divisions as rear guard of “The Caravan”.

First, Artax had to secure exclusive rights of the title of Son of God Incarnate; thus, Artax summoned the High Priest of Egypt to his Capital Persepolis. The Son of God Incarnate snatched the crown from the High Priest hands and crowned himself Son of God. With a modest sized army, light in baggage but loaded with treasures and money Artax exited his Capital on a long journey.  Artax was to catch up with Cyrus; His travel this time around turned out not to be that straightforward or luxurious.

In the meantime, the fame of H-2 Alexander (better known as Al Iskandar in Afghanistan) preceded Cyrus “Alexander” in Afghanistan.  In order to have a glorious passage in that dangerous Estate of the Empire and avoid any useless engagements, Cyrus had to dye his hair blonde, shave clean his beard and order a Two-Horned helmet fabricated especially for this passage.  This transformation was to be temporary but it took exigencies of its own for the remaining life of Cyrus.  “Al Iskandar” was welcomed as a living God and he loved every minute of it.  What amazed the Afghan people is how quickly Al Iskandar learned to understand their language and even pronounce adequately their difficult vocal words. 

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