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Are embezzlement schemes an engineering field? Rule China!

Posted on: November 22, 2008

Are embezzlement schemes an engineering field? Rule China! (November 22, 2008)


So far, Bush and the talking heads are just explaining the mechanisms that lead to the financial crisis.  As if the FED and the Treasury and all these multinational financial institutions didn’t comprehend the mechanisms, or if they did, the common people had the right and needed to be cleared on the mechanism side of the crash.  They are trying to tell us that embezzlement schemes are no more than engineering and that the most important issue is to know how, not why or who engineered the crisis! 

They knew the Circulation Credit Cycle Theory that businesses follow a scientific pattern of upswings and downturns, that if the government refrains through its police power of the FED from meddling with the normal interest rates of doing business then the market economy based on real value-added economy will adjust to the changes.  The problem was that the USA was no longer producing any real value-added economy for decades because the US politicians had no guts to tell the American people the hard facts and that getting back to work harder on producing stuff that people need to buy is a must.

They purposely engineered the crisis and they triggered the timing.  They overextended credits through traditional fiduciary media and then through new financial gimmicks that could not lead but to crisis.  The FED knowingly, through political pressures, kept lowering the interest rates below the healthy level of a normal market economy which generated inflation rates that could no longer be controlled or stabilized.

They decided to invade Iraq on the basis that the military expense will generate many fold in profit through the control of oil distribution and blackmailing the neighboring Arab rich sovereign funds of the potential threat of Iran.  The Arab rich States were no fouls of that strategy but they went along.  They are mere small States of oligarchies and monarchies with no national identity. If these States were nations then the citizens would have taken stands; any stand would have cost much less than the trillions of dollars injected for the US citizens to resume their lavish spending on consumerism, new gas guzzling cars, stocks, and overvalued Real Estates.

The FED, the Treasury and the cartel of multinational financial institutions knew that the normal scheme of siphoning in the sovereign funds of the oil rich States and the small stock investors had reached a plateau. It reached a plateau because the investors realized that a crisis is in the offing and the scheme could not function normally unless the same level of increase in junk paper investment is maintained.

Since the scheme reached a plateau then it was time to decide on the appropriate timing to activate the financial crisis: it was much better for the crash to take place at the very end of an administration and then pressure the politicians to agree on a financial rescue package. The timing was perfect: since no more foreign financial rescue is coming in then the financial rescue will happen under duress from all rich States.  The motto was: either you caught up under duress or you will all have to suffer a global economic recession.  Well, financial rescue came from everywhere but this didn’t stop recession anyway. How can you stop recession when the USA is not producing any value that people are ready to purchase?  The worst part is that President Obama is not willing to challenge the US citizens with the hash facts, at least not for a long time to come.

Only one giant Nation is winning: China.  China got the USA by the throat. The US is totally dependent on China in cheap import products and the purchase of US treasury bonds for many decades to come. China can direct the US financial policies and foreign policies. It had done it already. The US had been doing it with the Latin American States and everywhere else for decades. Rule China, rule!

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