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Lingering traits in Son-God Incarnate psychic


            The medium-term strategy of Artax was clear in his mind but he failed to share it with his highest ranking officers.  The Monarch intended to lead his troops north for a few weeks and then lead the main body of his army south to future Azarabad country.  The rational was first, to send a strong message to the “Magnificent Khosro” that he is not a match and his take over does not constitute any major worry to Artax.  Secondly, Artax wanted to test the loyalty of his army: He sensed that the ranks and files were dubious of his mental stability though he needed confirmation of the extent religious tradition can sustain temporary insanity of their Son-God Incarnate.  Surely, this sort of test at this junction was highly flammable though excellent if the strategy goes well without major damage.  Monarchs had always agendas that common people were left out to reflect on:  a sure cause for disasters most of the times.

The first week north went passably well but grumblings were crescendo.  Artax sensed the danger of pushing his loyal troops to their edge.  He thus gathered his troops and spoke frankly and openly of his medium-term strategy and his latest testing tactics.  His speeches were delivered around bonfires for each company at a time.  The next day, the soldiers expressed their attachment to Artax by calling him “Lance Corporal”, one among them and one of them.   Artax sent a company further north that cherished self-autonomy at the risk of extra hardship; he ordered Boleyar Khosro, the scholar who figured the North Pole to be at reaching distance, to join the company and plant the Imperial Standard in honor for all the generations to come.

Defying “Pavlov Reaction”


Artax troops were leisurely wandering in the Mongol steppes heading east and still hoping to link up with the troops of Iskander who was now on the run.  The most common of news, and the most dreaded, reached Artax:  A successful coup d’etat by one of a more “legitimate” cousin of his.  That renegade cousin claimed the title of “Khosro the Magnificent, the eldest Son-God Incarnate”.   In his guts, Artax foresaw this kind of turn of events and had hypothetically pondered his immediate reactions on receiving such news, supposing that he was not poisoned or murdered before the reversal of fortune. As long as the troops believed that Artax was the legitimate Monarch, which means his treasure chest was plenty, then there was hope to prioritize His dreams and desires.


Artax was faced with a serious dilemma; would he resume discovering new lands and new people or focus on his people?  What are the alternatives?  If he gathered his army and marched on his cousin then he would be obeying a natural reaction from any monarch and the reaction would agree to his traditional troops. The Monarch was analyzing a typical reaction that was labeled centuries later “Pavlov Reaction” but which intrinsically was targeted toward animal reactions after extensive training to a certain behavior. His army would urge him to march on his cousin anyway; otherwise, he might lose the confidence of his officers and soldiers to his legitimacy.  

Artax decides to keep both options.  He reasoned that the first angry reactions were beneath a wise and forward thinking monarch.  He will then resume the exploration with a much smaller army: These wastelands up North cannot afford a large expedition. 

He will also regain his throne by other means than direct and frontal assault by armies.  He doesn’t desire to mire his country in a textbook civil war.  He opts to bifurcate south to any region that is flourishing, fertile and close to His Estate Afghanistan and settle and refill his treasure chest and lay the ground works for a new Constitution and a Bill of Rights for the Persian Empire.  We didn’t have GPS locators at the time to offer precise coordinates but Artax troops headed toward what is called now Islamabad. Most probably Artax had named it Azarabad or the City of the Sun God Azar.  Azarabad was on the Indus River and close to impregnable mountain chains with easily defensible passages.

Code name for the timing of the Wall Street crash: rule China (part 2, November 23, 2008)


The code name for the precise timing of the financial crisis was: artificial oil price increases or (AOPI); the messenger was the multinational financial brokerage firm Lehman Brothers.  All the members in the cartel of the financial multinationals received the order to activate the countdown for the Wall Street crash; they sold out their shares to invest in anything that has real value.  The little people who invested their life savings in stocks paid the price.

The FED, the Treasury and all the US multinational financial institutions knew the theory of Money Trade Cycle that when the trend of inflation is continuously on the rise then the outcome is a financial crisis.  The theory established that businesses and economy follow a pattern of upswings and downturns, and if the government refrains from meddling with the normal interest rates of doing business then the market economy based on real value-added economy will adjust to the changes.  The problem was that the USA was no longer producing any real value-added economy for decades; the US consumers were enjoying low priced items imported from China and the manufacturing bases were exported overseas to benefit from cheap manpower and limited legal constraints. The world had already experienced a vivid advance taste of financial crisis in 1989 in the south-east Asian markets, Japan and Latin America. 

The fundamental problem was tackled by the Asian States and they worked harder to producing value-added economy. The successive US Administrations and politicians had no guts to tell the American people the hard facts, that a recession is as sure as the sun rises, and that getting back to work harder on producing what people need to buy is a must.  Instead, the US multinationals resorted to creative embezzlement fiduciary schemes (secondary and tertiary worthless paper money gimmicks) to resume world financial market hegemony

The FED knowingly, through political pressures, kept lowering the interest rates below the healthy level of a normal market economy which overextended credits for a decade and thus generated inflation rates that could no longer be controlled or stabilized.

The US Bush Administration decided, unilaterally and without a UN resolution, for a pre-emptive war on Iraq.  The US Administration invaded Iraq on the basis that the military expense will generate many folds in profit through the control of oil distribution and blackmailing the neighboring Arab rich sovereign funds of the potential threat of Iran.  The Arab rich States were no fouls of that strategy but they went along.  They are mere small States of oligarchies and monarchies with no national identity. If these States were nations then the citizens would have taken stands; any stand would have cost much less than the trillions of dollars injected for the US citizens to resume their lavish spending on consumerism, new gas guzzling cars, stocks, and overvalued Real Estates.

The FED, the Treasury and the cartel of multinational financial institutions knew that the normal scheme of siphoning in the sovereign funds of the oil rich States and the small stock investors had reached a plateau. It reached a plateau because the investors realized that a crisis is in the offing and the scheme could not function normally unless the same level of increase in junk paper investment is maintained.

Since the scheme reached a plateau then it was time to decide on the appropriate timing to activate the financial crisis: it was much better for the crash to take place at the very end of an administration and then to pressure the politicians to agree on a financial rescue package. The timing was perfect: since no more foreign financial rescue is coming in then the financial rescue will happen under duress from all rich States.  The motto was: either you caught up under duress or you will all have to suffer a global economic recession.  

The world lauded the US for its timely energetic reaction of rounding up 700 billion dollars to rescue the failing commercial banks.  Wrong; the package was already decided upon before the crash and the bold figure of 700 billions dollars was psychologically marketed as covering the 60% of the unsolvable Real Estates: the US people would gladly preserve its homes and pay for it.  The trick is this package is a first installment and other packages are waiting in the queue pending the appropriate political conditions.

Well, financial rescue came from everywhere but this didn’t stop recession anyway. How can you stop recession when the USA is not producing any value that people are ready to purchase?  The worst part is that President Obama is not willing to challenge the US citizens with the hash facts, at least not for a long time to come.

The US people has preferred the lax attitude since the Reagan Administrations; most of the US citizens wanted to believe in an illusory wealth assuming that the worldwide acceptance of the dollars as the currency of choice is more than sufficient to keeping the illusion. The hard facts are in; tackling decades of myopia and dependence on the hard work of the other people has to be grabbed by the horns.  The world recession is the making of the lazy, faint hearted US people who failed, in their cockiness, to recall what made them a great nation!

Only one giant Nation is winning: China.  China got the USA by the throat. The US is totally dependent on China in cheap import products and the purchase of US treasury bonds for many decades to come. China can direct the US financial policies and foreign policies. It had done it already. The US had been doing it with the Latin American States and everywhere else for decades. Rule China, rule!




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